Preventing the Mac Defender trojan

From everything I've read on Apple's discussion forums, the Mac Defender trojan/virus can only be installed on your Mac OS X system under the following circumstances:

Removing the Mac Defender trojan

From what I've read on the Apple discussion forums, here's how you delete the Mac Defender trojan from your system.

Mac Defender trojan (virus) information

It looks like reports of the "Mac Defender" trojan/virus/malware are the real deal. Several Apple discussion forums related to the Mac Defender trojan (it's not a virus) have several thousands page-views and hundreds of comments. You can find these threads by searching Google with this query:

Mac antivirus and malware software (Is it needed?)

Mac antivirus software FAQ: What Mac antivirus software should I use? (Also written as, "Do I need Mac anti-virus software?" or "Should I use any Mac antivirus software at all?")

Apple's new Mac OS X antivirus/malware business

Hmm, it looks like there might be more than one reason for Apple retiring their famous Mac/PC commercials -- turns out they've quietly gotten into the malware/antivirus business.

MacWorld reports that Apple has quietly snuck an anti-malware (antivirus) update into the latest round of Mac OS X Snow Leopard updates. An antivirus program was included in Snow Leopard, and last week's Snow Leopard update included an update to the Mac OS X antivirus definition file (a simple Mac OS X plist file).