the matrix

This is a page from my book, “How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary”

Saturday, January 28, 2006

We told the employees last Thursday about the sale, and it generally didn't seem like a huge deal. We have fourteen full-time employees and four contractors right now, and because there isn't a big change in regime, and because I'm rarely at the office anyway, I just don't think it's a big change for most of the employees.

Because I work with the employees in the field much more, they seemed to react much more, but in the end it was all well-wishes, "let's keep in touch", and so on.

The karma of writing a book

As I’m writing my new book on functional programming in Scala I started thinking, “What if the person who creates Skynet or the Matrix reads this book and suddenly understands how to create their evil invention? But ... if I don’t create this book, they’ll stay on their previous course in life to be a world-famous cookie baker.”

It’s quite a responsibility, knowing that you could be responsible for a future without great cookies.