“The Future of Services,” by Jamie Allen (Scala, Italy)

Here’s a vimeo.com link to a talk titled, “The Future of Services,” by Jamie Allen, at Scala Italy.

Here’s a description of the talk from its page: “This talk will focus on how to build elastic, resilient service-based applications that can handle tremendous amounts of data in real time, and provide insight on many of the guiding principles that led to Lightbend creating the Lagom framework.”

Monoliths and microservices

Martin Fowler’s website has a good article on microservices. Every time I hear the term microservices I think, “That’s what I was doing over ten years ago,” and his article confirms that. Of course the technology is better today, but what I/we were doing many years ago fits his definition very well. I was “fortunate” enough to work for a company that had 24x7x365 needs, and those needs naturally led to this sort of architecture.