mighty mouse

Apple's new Magic Mouse

Apple made some new iMac announcements today, and the most interesting one for me is their new "Magic Mouse".

I've written here before that Apple has driven me crazy with some of their mouse designs. In fact, I currently use a Dell USB mouse instead of my wireless Mighty Mouse (yes, a cabled mouse instead of a wireless mouse), because I can't get the little track ball on the Mighty Mouse clean enough to scroll consistently.

But getting rid of the trackball altogether and replacing it with their multitouch technology? That might be a really clever idea.

Apple Mighty Mouse clicks but won’t track

Mac Mighty Mouse FAQ: Help, my Apple wireless Mighty Mouse clicks but won't track properly; what's going on?

I’ve had a lot of problems with batteries with my Apple Bluetooth (wireless) Mighty Mouse, including this “tracking” problem, but fortunately everything just came to a happy conclusion.