Driving through a snowstorm to get home

Started the drive at 5:50 EST Tuesday in Kentucky. Waited out the morning’s snowstorm with some old-timers and truckers at a McD’s in Georgetown, Indiana. Maneuvered through the snow and ice induced wrecks between Corydon and Evansville. Wanted to kiss the ground when it finally got dry after 11am. Drove through the sunset in Kansas, then followed the truckers, Moon, and stars across the rest of Kansas and Colorado, arrived “home” at 12:20am MST Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing if the mountains are white whenever I wake up.

Laugh at the night, the day, the moon ~ Pablo Neruda

Laugh at the night,
at the day, at the moon,
laugh at the twisted
streets of the island,
laugh at this clumsy
boy who loves you,
but when I open
my eyes and close them,
when my steps go,
when my steps return,
deny me bread,
air, light, spring,
but never your laughter,
for I would die.

~ Pablo Neruda

Moon Express gets FAA approval to put a lander on the Moon

From this NY Times article, Moon Express just received approval from the FAA to try to put a lander on the Moon before the end of 2017.

The “international space treaty” portion of the story is particularly interesting to me. I didn’t know if there was such a treaty, and who governed efforts like this.

The tides, and the pull of the Sun and the Moon alvin January 23, 2016 - 2:05pm
Fitting all the planets between the Earth and Moon alvin November 10, 2014 - 7:39am

This is cool, though I don’t know why people are always picking on Pluto. (It may also need an asterisk stating that Saturn needs to be at an angle like that.)