Notes on how to use GraalVM profile-guided optimizations alvin July 30, 2019 - 3:05pm

As a brief note today, I found that GraalVM was actually making one of my Scala/Java/JVM applications slower, so with the help of Thomas Wuerthinger at Oracle, I learned a little bit about how to use the GraalVM profile-guided optimizations.

Interflow: Scala Native’s upcoming flow-sensitive, profile-guided optimizer

Scala Native relies on LLVM as its primary optimizer as of the latest 0.3.7 release. Overall, we’ve found that LLVM fits this role quite well, after all, it is an industry-standard toolchain for AOT compilation of statically typed programming languages. LLVM produces high-quality native code, and the results are getting better with each release.

Software is amazing

It’s amazing what you can do with software. A “solution” with one set of data can become a denial of service attack against yourself with a larger set of data. (This graph shows the result of the Drupal Boost module initially clobbering my server, until I applied two “fixes” to it.)

Huge Drupal Boost module performance improvements (APC, Boost cache, Drupal 6/7)

Summary: This post provides a review of the Drupal Boost module, which dramatically improves website speed/performance.

Over the last few weeks I've been spending a little time every weekend trying to improve the performance of the alvinalexander.com website. I didn't think there was much of a performance problem with the website, but the Google Webmasters' site kept reporting that the site was slow compared to most internet websites.

The Drupal Diaries, Day 12

If you're interested in the really short story, this Drupal-based website is now hosted on a new, dedicated Linux server with much more RAM than the old server. For the longer story -- and the details of Apache tweaks and a script to automatically restart Apache when it got hung up -- read on.

Surprised by the Drupal plus LAMP memory use

I ended up being really surprised, but it turns out that Drupal and the LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) take much more memory than the old Java-based blog that I had running the DevDaily site previously.