Changing of the guard (Toyota RAV4 to Subaru)

September, 2014, represented a changing of the guard for me. The old Toyota RAV4 was both a good and bad experience, and today I traded it in for the official car of Colorado, a Subaru Outback. As you can see from the photos, the two cars are somewhat similar in design and color. (The top photo was taken in Coldfoot, Alaska, a very small “town” about halfway between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, Alaska.)

"Welcome to Subaru"

I bought a new Subaru Outback last week, and so far I’m very impressed with Subaru. I just received a “Welcome to the Subaru family” email, which I thought was put together well. It wasn’t arrogant, but just a statement of the resources that are available to new Subaru owners. It shows organization and thoughtfulness (while also helping to promote future sales), and I wish we had something like this when I owned my consulting firm.