A gallery of 130+ Gimp filters/effects examples alvin May 16, 2018 - 9:49pm

There are times when I work on images a lot with Gimp, and then there are times when I don’t work with Gimp for a month or two. When I don’t work with Gimp a lot, I tend to forget about all of the different things I can do with. Therefore, I have created this page as a “Gimp special effects cheat sheet” page to help remind me of all the cool things I can do with Gimp effects.

A way to migrate Drupal 6 Photo content type to Drupal 8

The main script in this project — MigrateAllD6Photos.php — now seems to be working. The code is ugly and doesn't check for SQL errors, but for my purposes it seems to be working okay. To get that script to work and migrate your Drupal 6 photo content type to a Drupal 8 photo content type, you also need to run a couple of queries shown here.

Android Photos app UI

I’m just getting back into Android development after several years away, and I thought the Android standard was to have the tool icons on the top of each app window. However, I’ve seen several apps where the toolbar is on the bottom, including this large toolbar on the stock Android Photos app. (After some research, the Android docs show split action bars here.)

Free Mac OS X batch image resizing

Mac batch image resizing FAQ: How can I "batch resize" images (photos) on Mac OS X (for free, preferably)?

A long time ago I wrote about how to batch resize images on Mac OS X from the command line in my How to batch resize images on Mac OS X using ImageMagick. That approach is fine for techies who don't mind cracking open the Mac Terminal application, using the Unix command line to navigate to their folder, and then process their images. But what about regular Mac users, those who don't want to ever see a Mac Terminal window?

New photo gallery

Just a quick note today that now that this website has my name on it (no longer, I'm adding a photo gallery to the site. You can either click on that link to see the gallery, or click the photo below:

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