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Quotes from Clean Code

Back in 2013 I read the book Clean Code by Robert C. Martin, and in an effort to keep that book alive with me a little while longer, I decided to make my own “Cliffs Notes” version of the book on this page. One of my favorite notes from below is that a language named LOGO used the keyword to in the same way that Scala uses def, so a method named double would be defined as to double... instead of def double..., which seems like it would help developers name methods better.

“Hello, Scala” - A swift introduction to a scalable programming language

I wrote the Scala Cookbook for programmers looking for solutions to common Scala problems, and then wrote Functional Programming, Simplified for programmers looking for a simple way to learn functional programming. A few months ago I decided to finish my Scala trilogy and write a book for programmers who don’t know Scala and want a quick introduction to it. With that, Hello, Scala was born:

Hello, Scala

Examples of the Miranda programming language

In the last few weeks I learned that Miranda is a lazy, functional programming language that preceded and greatly influenced Haskell. Here are some examples of the Miranda language.

The name of this language, along with the use of the name in the movie Serenity, got me wondering about its origin. states, “Derived from Latin mirandus meaning ‘admirable, wonderful.’ The name was created by Shakespeare for the heroine in his play ‘The Tempest’ (1611). It did not become a common English given name until the 20th century. This is also the name of one of the moons of Uranus.”

Learning FP: Experiences on the Elm language

This image is from a tutorial titled, Learning FP: Experiences on the Elm language.

I don’t know much about Elm yet, other than it’s an FP language for writing browser code, and it looks a lot like Haskell. As the tutorial author states, “Elm is a programming language that compiles to HTML5: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.” Another good quote is, “There are no worries about bugs due to weird mixed state as the state is always a direct result of input.”