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Learning FP: Experiences on the Elm language

This image is from a tutorial titled, Learning FP: Experiences on the Elm language.

I don’t know much about Elm yet, other than it’s an FP language for writing browser code, and it looks a lot like Haskell. As the tutorial author states, “Elm is a programming language that compiles to HTML5: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.” Another good quote is, “There are no worries about bugs due to weird mixed state as the state is always a direct result of input.”

“What if?” - The inspiration for every programming language (funny/humor)

These “What if” questions about each programming language are pretty funny. The C#, “What if everything was like Java, but different?” captures my feeling about that language, and the Perl description is pretty accurate, too. (The image comes from this nixCraft Twitter page.)

Google's Go programming language

I've been looking at Google's Go programming language on and off for the last week or so, and though I won't be using it any time soon, it looks like an interesting new language.

In a world full of programming languages, you might wonder why Google programmers have decided to create yet another programming language. The Go programming language authors answer this question in their FAQ: