Is there anything else you'd like to ask me?

I guess I still don’t understand women.

This morning one of my doctors kept saying, “Is there anything else you’d like to ask me?”

After the third time she asked that question I thought, “I’ve seen this in the movies, I know what she’s really asking,” so I replied, “Do you want to come over and bake some cookies?”

Everything after that was a blur ... I think she said, “What?”, and then I think I said, “What??” ... now I don’t know if I need a new doctor or some cookie dough.

~ a Facebook post from July 15, 2014

Wrong Thinking

Here’s a story about what I call “Wrong Thinking.”

Way back in high school when I was playing baseball, a pitcher named Catfish Hunter became the first baseball player to get paid over a million dollars a year. I thought that was crazy, in a bad way. One day I talked to my dad about it, and asked him why people like farmers and engineers who did more important work didn’t get paid like that.

He didn’t have a great answer at the time, and that thought kept on bothering me. These days I think a correct answer he could have given me goes like this: “Baseball is in the entertainment business, just like singers and actors. For whatever reason, some sort of supply and demand, society is willing to pay those people a lot of money. So if the money bothers you, what you can do is make that money just like Catfish Hunter, and then give it away however you see fit.”

This is a page from my book, “A Survival Guide for New Consultants”

Handling objections (and hidden objections)

Dogen-zenji said, 
“When you say something to someone he may not accept it, 
but do not try to make him understand it intellectually. 
Do not argue with him; 
just listen to his objections until he himself 
finds something wrong with them.”

Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki

This is a page from my book, “How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary”

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've answered a few more questions from the Class B partners by email. Since there is now such a large group of us involved in the discussions we decided to all use our personal email addresses instead of our business addresses. We thought that would help prevent emails being sent to the other people at the company by mistake.