Hart of Dixie: Is “Rammer Jammer” a real thing?

When I watch the Hart of Dixie and see the bar/restaurant named “Rammer Jammer,” I keep wondering if the name really has something to do with Alabama. Sure enough, the University of Alabama has something called the “Rammer Jammer Cheer” as their school fight song. Per this article it has lyrics that go like this:

Well-known and under-the-radar restaurants in Boulder, Colorado

Here’s a good list of well-known and under-the-radar restaurants in Boulder, Colorado.

And if you don’t know Boulder, here’s one quote from the article: “Boulder is one of America’s ‘Foodiest’ towns with a roster of hot eateries. A February New York Times feature noted that ‘among foodies, it is also known as the place where new companies are challenging the old guard in the food business.’”

The Flying Squirrel Bakery/Cafe, Talkeetna, Alaska

The Flying Squirrel Bakery/Cafe in Talkeetna, Alaska opened right before I moved away from Talkeetna. I have no idea what they serve these days, but I used to go there for a cup of coffee while I was writing, and then they started serving some excellent pizza.

It’s one of the rare restaurants that isn’t in the downtown Talkeetna area. If you’re leaving town, it’s a few miles down the road on your left hand side.