Do you hear the murmuring sound of the mountain stream?

A monk was anxious to learn Zen and said, “I have been newly initiated into the Brotherhood. Will you be gracious enough to show me the Way?”

The Master said, “Do you hear the murmuring sound of the mountain stream?”

The monk said, “Yes, I do.”

The Master said, “Here is the entrance.”


“Listening intently” is a simple, fun meditation practice. Just sit, relax, and listen to your environment like a dog, cat — or a squirrel in the wild, where your life depends on your listening. At work I used to have fun by listening to as many conversations as I could simultaneously.

Entrance to the beach in Talkeetna, Alaska

If you ever hear about a beach in Talkeetna, Alaska, this is the entrance to it. At some point I’ll add a map to the beach here, but in short, if you’re walking through town, keep walking to the end of the town, and go through a narrow entrance. You’ll then start walking on sand and rocks, and if you walk through a narrow walkway/entrance, you’ll come to the beach in just a few hundred yards.