Let the Sun shine (Anchorage, Alaska)

Back in 2011, I lived in Palmer, Alaska. I drove about an hour down to Anchorage to visit a friend, then drove back to Palmer just after 1:30am. During the drive back I didn’t need my headlights on to see, but I kept them on so other cars could see me more easily. It was like driving during a very long “dawn” or “dusk” period.

The Fairview Inn, Talkeetna, Alaska

It doesn’t look like much, but The Fairview Inn in Talkeetna, Alaska had cold beer and the best live music in town. I don’t know if he still finds the bands, but when I lived there, my landlord, Mike Lindgren, seemed to find the best bands in Alaska, and got them to play at the Fairview. My one regret from living there was that I didn’t spend more time here listening to the music (though I could hear it from my cabin fairly easily).

Entrance to the beach in Talkeetna, Alaska alvin July 1, 2016 - 11:26am

If you ever hear about a beach in Talkeetna, Alaska, this is the entrance to it. At some point I’ll add a map to the beach here, but in short, if you’re walking through town, keep walking to the end of the town, and go through a narrow entrance. You’ll then start walking on sand and rocks, and if you walk through a narrow walkway/entrance, you’ll come to the beach in just a few hundred yards.

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice Day. In Alaska this is a happy day because of the whole “Sun does not set” thing, but it’s also a sad day because the “length of visible light” starts going down from here. Once it gets on a roll, Talkeetna, Alaska will lose six minutes of sunlight per day.