Driving from Boulder, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you ever need to drive from the Boulder/Denver, Colorado area to (or from) Santa Fe, New Mexico, the gray route on the left in this image is the most scenic, the one to take if you only get one shot at it. Lots of mountain views and ranches, and many small towns.

Once you get off of I-25, the blue road that goes through Taos is also very scenic, and is particularly pretty in the winter. I usually take the gray road back to Colorado, and the Taos road down to Santa Fe.


Enjoying a meteor shower while driving from New Mexico to Colorado

For reasons shown in the following image, I decided it was best to leave Santa Fe last night, and drive back to Colorado:

Snow storm in Santa Fe, New Mexico

That weather doesn't look too bad, but people were scattered all over the sides of the road when I drove down to Santa Fe on Monday, and there was only one lane open on I-25, and there was also at least one fatality.