How to unhide Facebook friends

Unhide Facebook friends FAQ: How do I unhide Facebook friends?

In a hurry recently -- and not wanting to see the output of yet another Facebook game (why can't I hide all Facebook games?) -- I accidentally hid one of my Facebook friends. After poking around for quite a while I finally figured out how to unhide them. Here's how to do it.

How to unhide a Facebook friend

To unhide a Facebook friend, follow these steps:

How to un-hide a hidden Mac OS X window

Mac OS X "hide" FAQ: How do I "un-hide" a hidden Mac Window (hidden Mac application)?

At one point or another every new Mac OS X user learns that you can easily hide a window on Mac OS X using the [Command][h] keyboard command, but that moment of fun is usually followed by a few moments of panic and terror and the thought "How do I un-hide/show/display a hidden Mac OS X window?"