A good article on Verizon stock

Here’s a good article on Verizon’s stock. A few keys: quarterly adjusted earnings were the same as the previous year (no growth); full year adjusted earnings declined; VZ is “poised to benefit greatly under the plan,” with a positive impact to cash flow of $3.5-4B; VZ is overspending their operations (expenses > revenue); tax reform is expected to yield a 55 to 65 cent increase in EPS. (January 30, 2018)

A By The Bay interview with Tim Perrett

By The Bay has a very interesting interview with Tim Perrett, whose resume includes leading Scala teams at Verizon, and being a founding board member of the Scala Center.

A few good quotes from him at the beginning of the article: “Unlike many people in our industry, I left school at a young age and did not attend university. My first job was actually working in a factory. My modus operandi is that hard work and dedication can overcome any problem ... humility is something that enables one to be open to the ideas of others. To conclude: Listen, be humble, and roll up your sleeves.”

Bad cellular reception in Colorado (Boulder, Broomfield, Louisville) alvin August 27, 2017 - 9:15pm

My old cellphone (an iPhone 5s) just died, so I’ve been looking at cellphones, and also cellular carriers. Skipping the cellphone part of the story, cellular reception in Colorado is notoriously bad. I can barely make a phone call with AT&T in my apartment in Broomfield, CO, and I also have problems when I travel in Louisville and Boulder.

AT&T coverage in Colorado (map)

Today I finally found a good map to show the problem at This first image shows their cellular coverage map for AT&T in my area:

ATT cellular coverage in Broomfield, Colorado

How to check iPhone minutes used (and remaining)

iPhone minutes used FAQ: How can I check how many "minutes used" I have on my iPhone plan (with AT&T or Verizon)?

As I was digging around for some other information I just saw how to check my AT&T iPhone minutes used. Since the iPhone operating system, iOS, is supposed to be the same across carriers, I'll assume this works for Verizon as well as AT&T.

How to check iPhone minutes used (AT&T)

Here are the steps to follow to check your iPhone minutes used:

Smartphone life in Alaska - no Verizon, no Sprint

If you live in Alaska, and you want to use a smartphone, you better be going with AT&T, because for all their commercials, Verizon and Sprint won't do you any good here. Here's the beatdown from Verizon Wireless when you tell them you live in Alaska:

There's no Verizon in Alaska

CES - New Palm smartphones (Palm Pre and Pixi) alvin January 8, 2010 - 11:15am

I think they're fighting a big uphill battle against a few heavyweights, but Palm has some nice-looking new entries in the cellphone/smartphone market.

While the iPhone, Droid, and Google Nexus One have all the smartphone attention of the media these days, PC World reports "Palm announced upgraded versions of its Pre and Pixi smartphones, and announced that it devices would be coming to more carriers."