vi command

vi end of line command

vi (vim) line navigation FAQ: What is the vi command to move to the end of the current line? (How do I move to the end of the current line in vim?)

Short answer: When in vi/vim command mode, use the "$" character to move to the end of the current line.

Other vi/vim line related commands

While I'm in the vi line neighborhood, here's a longer answer, with a list of "vi/vim go to line" commands:

vi insert commands

I know the vi editor (and vim editor) can be a little hard to get started with, so I've been trying to share some short vi tutorials lately. Today I'd like to share some simple vi insert commands.

vi insert commands - reference

If you're already comfortable with the vi editor and just need to know some commands to insert in vi, here are the vi insert commands I use every day:

vi and vim editor cheat sheet

It’s raining in downtown Alaska today, so I went ahead and created a vi editor “cheat sheet” for vi and vim users. I tried to focus on the basic vi/vim commands I use most often.

Here’s a direct link to my vi/vim editor cheat sheet (in PDF format).