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New front page design

Just a quick note today that I'm slowly building a new front page design for this website. My goal is to create more of a "Tumblr" design, where I can list everything that's new on the front page, including blog posts, bookmarks, short text blurbs, source code snippets, and photos. At the moment, all that shows up on the front page are blog posts, so if you only see the front page, you're only getting a very small idea of "What's new" here.

Wasilla, Alaska web design, website hosting, and computer programming

With 2011 barreling around the corner, I've been busy putting things together to start a new web design, web hosting, and computer programming consulting business here in Alaska.

While my current website is as ugly as it gets, here's a link to my "coming soon" Mat-Su Valley Programming website. As you can tell, I've been giving myself a few minutes every night to get the website set up, as I have plenty more important things to do at the moment.

Google News made my head explode

It may just be me, but since their last change, every time I try to read the Google News web page, it makes my head want to explode. For a company noted for testing over 40 shades of blue, I can't believe this was the best design they could come up with:

Google News - poor design
(about 1/3 of the Google News web page)

Nagios web application screenshots

Sorry folks, I hoped to be able to release the source code I created for a Nagios Web Interface, but after starting on it a few hours ago, I'm giving up on this project. The code works just fine, as you can see from the screenshots below.

The problem is the amount of work it will take to make this code "clean" for public release. It currently has my client name all over it, and removing all those references is just going to take too long. (Unless of course an angel investor wants to contribute a few week's pay into my PayPal account.)

Evolution of a website design alvin July 14, 2010 - 6:02am

Website design: A look at the evolution of a website design.

I haven't designed or re-designed a website in about a year now, so it was a fun, and hopefully interesting exercise that I'd like to share here with a few words, but mostly images.

In the beginning, there was a website named One Man's Alaska (my blog about living in Alaska), and it looked like this: