What’s Important Now (WIN)

I know, it’s a little corny, but instead of writing out a “To-Do List” — which implies hard labor and/or something I force myself to do — these days I write “WIN” on the top of my index cards. WIN stands for, “What’s Important Now”, and I find that this change in wording changes my attitude towards the things that need to be done. Rather than thinking, “Ugh, okay, what do I have to do next,” I now think of these tasks as important to me, my future, and my success.

TWTW meaning: “The will to win”

I saw the acronym “TWTW” posted by Buster Olney this morning, and didn’t know what it meant. Turns out it means, “The Will to Win.” It was apparently coined by Ken “Hawk” Harrelson of the Chicago White Sox back in 2013. He used the term in a debate about the use of sabermetrics in sports, arguing that there was no sports acronym that could account for that.