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Drive back from Golden, Colorado (and Lady Cab Driver)

While driving back from Golden, Colorado on November 10, 2016, I happened to be listening to Lady Cab Driver by the artist formerly known as Prince, and wondered if these days he would have called it Lady Uber Driver. I thought it was interesting how society in the current moment has an effect on music and writing.

And here’s a gratuitous photo of some cattle on the right and wrong side of the fence near Golden, a big field, and some mountains.

Altitudes of the Colorado front range mountains

One of my doctors has this photo/image of the altitudes of the mountains that make up the “front range” of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. I can’t read the signature on the lower-right of the image, but I appreciate whoever put this image together, as I can never remember the names and altitudes of the various mountain peaks.

Voters looking into whether Colorado judges were appointed by a Democrat or Republican

Last week I did some research on whether Colorado judges were appointed by a Democrat or Republican, and I’ve been pleased to see that over 27,000 people have visited that page. Personally, I was never too concerned about judges in previous elections, but I think the current hostile political atmosphere in the U.S. and everything related to the Supreme Court nominees over the last 2-3 years makes people see how “political” the judge nomination process is (IMHO).

Images from a Colorado road trip (morning fog, sunrise)

Here are a few images from a road trip I started on September 10, 2018. These are pictures from eastern Colorado early that morning, taken probably anywhere between Limon and western Kansas.

Colorado road trip, early morning

Colorado road trip, early morning

2018 Colorado election: Judges - Democrat or Republican

I just filled out my ballot for the 2018 Colorado election, and the part about voting for judges is a little weird. One of the weird parts about the ballot is that you can’t tell if a judge is a Democrat (what the Colorado ballot refers to as Democratic) or Republican. True, judges are supposed to be independent, but all of these judges were appointed by a Democrat or Republican politician.

So, if it helps anyone else, these are the judges that were on my ballot, and I show whether they were appointed by a Democratic or Republican politician:

Family in town

Sorry, it's a quiet week here on I have family in town this week on vacation, and they're keeping me pretty busy.