New front page design

Just a quick note today that I'm slowly building a new front page design for this website. My goal is to create more of a "Tumblr" design, where I can list everything that's new on the front page, including blog posts, bookmarks, short text blurbs, source code snippets, and photos. At the moment, all that shows up on the front page are blog posts, so if you only see the front page, you're only getting a very small idea of "What's new" here.

I'm currently in experimental mode, and using the Drupal Views module to get the data I want. The data looks like this:

To reiterate the point, that view just shows that I'm getting the data I want; it has not been styled at all. Things like the "(Photo)" and "(Bookmark)" text will go away; I'm just using that for debugging.

I also need to figure out how to format/style everything. Unfortunately I don't have much time to design something new right now, so that process will probably drag out for a while.

One concern is that the list of bookmarks will dominate the page, so besides trying to make it obvious that those lines are bookmarks, I'll probably want to minimize their appearance. (I probably bookmark ten resources for every blog post I write.)