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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

// $Id: CHANGELOG.txt,v 2010/09/03 11:06:03 sun Exp $

Admin Menu x.x-x.x, xxxx-xx-xx

Admin Menu 6.x-1.x, xxxx-xx-xx

Admin Menu 6.x-1.6, 2010-09-03
#567618 by indytechcook, neclimdul: Fixed tests.
#860390 by Kevin Rogers: Fixed .info file parsing error on uncertain platform.
#645526 by TravisCarden, hutch: Fixed stale local tasks markup after moving them.
#615058 by Dave Reid: Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.3.
#540762 by Deslack: Added Malay translation.
#362454 by sun: Fixed Drupal.settings.admin_menu is undefined error.

Admin Menu 6.x-1.5, 2009-07-02
#479922 by sun: Fixed fieldsets not collapsed on admin/build/modules/list*.
#236657 by sun: Updated for corrected arguments of system_clear_cache_submit().
#471504 by wulff: Updated Danish translation.

Admin Menu 6.x-1.4, 2009-05-15
by Dave Reid: Updated for getInfo() for tests.
#433016 by ultimateboy: Fixed Devel switch user links added to wrong parent.
#349169 by sun: Fixed Devel switch user links contain multiple path prefixes.
#384100 by kepol, sun: Fixed content-type items displayed in wrong place.
#373339 by sun: Fixed double-escaped 'Edit <content-type>' link titles.
by sun: Fixed admin menu tests (and updated to 6.x for SimpleTest 2.x).
#359158 by nitrospectide, sun: Fixed Devel Themer breaks admin menu.
#365335 by sun: Fixed not all variables removed after uninstall.

Admin Menu 6.x-1.3, 2009-01-24
#362454 by sun: Fixed Drupal.settings.admin_menu is undefined JS error in some

Admin Menu 6.x-1.2, 2009-01-20
#358697 by sun: Added docs about admin_menu_suppress() to README.txt.
#342684 by darumaki, sun: Added notice about Opera configuration to README.txt.
#350932 by sun: Fixed "Run updates" link repeated per language/site.
#342298 by gustz: Updated Spanish translation.
#346106 by sun: Fixed XHTML-Strict validation for admin menu icon.
#287448 by sun: Fixed unnecessary menu rebuild for users without permission to
  use admin menu.
#342002 by AltaVida: Fixed improper test for node/add paths.
#272920 by keith.smith: Changed all text strings throughout the module.
#322731 by sun: Fixed improper use of t() in module install file.
#282030 by sun: Fixed "Run updates" item visible for unprivileged users.
#322877 by sun: Added tweak to move page tabs into administration menu.
#287468 by sun: Fixed module paths directly below "admin" get the wrong parent.
#310423 by sun: Added optional position: fixed configuration setting.
#292657 by smk-ka: Improved rendering performance.
#234149 by yhager, sun: Fixed RTL support for IE.
#323726 by danez1972: Added Spanish translation.
#325057 by sun: Updated README.txt.
#234149 by yhager, levavie, sun: Added RTL support.
#325057 by sun: Added links to flush specific caches.
#324334 by AltaVida: Fixed usernames with spaces not in Devel user switch links.
#319382 by betz: Added Dutch translation.

Admin Menu 6.x-1.1, 2008-09-12
#295476 by pwolanin, use <front> for icon path to fix front-page path-change
  bug and pathauto conflict, add wipe button to admin form.
#301370 by sun: Disabled module fieldset collapsing behavior by default.
#288672 by sun: Fixed JS hover behavior not working in IE.
#290803 by sun: Fixed missing devel_themer in devel modules; added some others.
#286636 by sun: Fixed menus do not drop down in IE6.
#249537 by pwolanin, sun: Added admin_menu_suppress() to allow other modules to
  disable the display of admin_menu on certain pages (f.e. popups).
#268211 by sun: Fixed invalid issue queue links for custom modules and
  sub-modules of projects.
#261461 by sun: Added FAQ entry for displaying other menus like admin_menu.
#264067 by sun: Added FAQ entry for huge amount of anonymous users displayed.
#280002 by pwolanin: Clean up .test setUp function.
#242377 by sun: Fixed sub-level menu items exceed total document height.

Admin Menu 6.x-1.0, 2008-06-26
#266308 by sun: Fixed jQuery 1.0.x incompatible selector for collapsing modules.
#268373 by sun: Added hook_update to cleanup for alpha/beta testers.
#268373 by sun: Added menu callback to disable/enable developer modules.
#132524 by pwolanin: Fixed admin_menu links are re-inserted each time menu links
  are rebuilt.
by smk-ka: Performance: Use 'defer' attribute for JavaScript to delay execution.
#266099 by sun: Fixed description of "Apply margin-top" configuration setting.
#266308 by sun: Usability: Added Utility module features to collapse module
  fieldsets on Modules page.
#251341 by sun: Added docs about display drupal links permission.

Admin Menu 6.x-1.0-BETA, 2008-06-08
#132524 by sun: Fixed support for sub-content-types below node/add.
#132524 by pwolanin: Added support for localizable menu links.
#132524 by pwolanin, sun: Fixed menu links adjustments.
#132524 by pwolanin: Added simpletest.
#132524 by pwolanin: Major rewrite to better use Drupal 6 menu system.
#132524 by sun: Moved gettext translation files into translations.
#132524 by sun: Committing pre-alpha code for D6 due to public demand.

Admin Menu 5.x-2.x, xxxx-xx-xx
#246221 by sun: Fixed user counter displays different values than Who's online
#239022 by mikl: Added Danish translation.
#234444 by smk-ka: Fixed admin_menu icon does not respect theme settings.
#198240 by sun: Fixed admin_menu displayed in print output.

Admin Menu 5.x-2.4, 2008-02-24
#214740 by sun: Regression: Fixed directly applied marginTop not supported by IE.
#214725 by sun: Fixed wrong CSS id in admin_menu.js (missed in 5.x-2.3).

Admin Menu 5.x-2.3, 2008-02-24
#214725 by sun: Fixed CSS id and classes should not contain underscores.
#209390 by sun: Added note about interaction with user role permissions.
#214740 by jjeff, sun: Added module settings to configure margin-top CSS.
#200737 by sun: Changed admin_menu (fav)icon to use theme setting, if defined.
#203116 by smk-ka: Improved performance of non-cached admin_menu by storing
  already processed URLs in the cache.
#224605 by sun: 'Add <content_type>' items do not appear without 'administer
  nodes' permission.
#210615 by robertgarrigos: Fixed Mozilla Mac: Collapsible fieldsets display

Admin Menu 5.x-2.2, 2007-01-08
#204884 by jjeff: Usability: Override theme font family declaration.
#204935 by jjeff: Added mouseout delay for hovered menus (yay!).
#193941 by downgang: Fixed margin in IE6 using Garland theme.
#197306 by sun: Fixed 'Run updates' leads to wrong url with clean URLs disabled.
Moved images into sub-folder.
by smk-ka: Fixed icon title for user counter not displayed & coding style.
Fixed user count not displayed without 'administer users' permission.

Admin Menu 5.x-2.1, 2007-12-02
Fixed adding menu items with negative weight not always working.
Fixed admin_menu_copy_items() is overwriting already existing items.
Fixed display menu item ids in devel settings does not work.

Admin Menu 5.x-2.0, 2007-12-02
Added devel_admin_menu() for fast access to clear-cache, variable editor and
Added username to logout button.
Added hook_admin_menu() to allow other modules to alter admin_menu.
#194189 by sun: Added counter for current anonymous/authenticated users.
Added Drupal.org project issue queue links for all enabled contrib modules.
#189701 by sun: Changed admin_menu icon to be a menu.
#193925 by sun: Removed obsolete menu slicing code.
#193669 by smk-ka: Moved admin_menu builder functions into include file.

Admin Menu 5.x-1.2, 2007-11-18
#176969 by smk-ka: Fixed performance issues with path(auto) module by
  introducing a menu cache for admin_menu.
#179648 by sun: Inject admin_menu into theme.
  Fixes several CSS bugs in various themes and also activation of admin_menu
  immediately after installation.
#191213 by Standard: Fixed block info shouldn't contain the word "block".
#187816 by sun: Fixed "Add" not translatable.
#186218 by sun: Fixed admin menu icon too big in Safari.
#182563 by sun: Fixed wrong datatype for array_search in _admin_menu_get_children().
#183496 by sun: Fixed invalid argument supplied for foreach in admin_menu_copy_items().

Admin Menu 5.x-1.1, 2007-10-10
#178876 by sun: Fixed 3rd-level submenus expand without hover over.
#153455 by sun: Fixed add product node sub-elements are empty.
Fixed path_to_theme() call breaking blocks page.
#177582 by sun: Fixed bluebreeze theme compatibility.

Admin Menu 5.x-1.0, 2007-09-06
#156952 by sun: Fixed admin menu inaccessible due to margins.
#149229 by sun: Fixed admin menu not expanding in IE7.
#172545 by sun: Use opacity instead of -moz-opacity.
#132867 Fixed z-index too low.
- Fixed admin menu block selectors to override any other theme styles.
#155589 by sun: Added permission to access administration menu.
- Fixed a PHP warning when there are no content types defined in the system, as
  node/add then has no child menu items.
#155312 by sun: Fixed menu item tooltip clashes.
Added support for custom stylesheets per theme.
Removed 4.7.x compatibility.

Admin Menu 4.7-1.3, 2007-03-30
#126601 Fixed Users can see inaccessible items.
#121027 Fixed Page not found entries for menu-collapsed.png.

Admin Menu 4.7-1.2, 2007-03-04
- Fixed menu item adjustments
- Fixed IE / Safari support
- Fixed base_path for IE support
- Added create content options to content management menu

Admin Menu 4.7-1.1, 2007-01-24
First stable release, compatible to Drupal 4.7.x and 5.x.

Admin Menu 4.7-1.0, 2007-01-16
Initial release of admin_menu module. Already supporting Drupal 5.0.

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