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Drupal 6 email Project Source Code Files/Examples

These Drupal 6 email files are included here as part of our Drupal source code examples project. (Please see that project page, including our promise to donate back to the Drupal open source community.)

Drupal 6 email Project README File

This content is from the Drupal 6 email project README file:

 * README: *
 This module provides an email field type for CCK.
 The email.module requires the content.module to be installed.
 optional modules: invisimail, spamspan, token, views
 1. Place the entire email directory into your Drupal sites/all/modules/
 2. Enable the email module by navigating to:
      administer > modules
   * validation of emails
   * turns addresses into mailto links
   * encryption of email addresses with
       o Invisimail (Drupal 5 + 6) (module needs to be installed)
       o SpamSpan (Drupal 6 only) (module needs to be installed)
   * contact form (see Display settings)
   * provides Tokens
   * exposes fields to Views
 To enable encryption of contact form, see settings under the Display fields tabs 
 Matthias Hutterer

Drupal 6 email Project Source Code Files

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