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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

PHP - Drupal tags/keywords

2009-07-16, 2009-07-30, 2009-09-26, 2009-11-15, arg, args, by, call, kiamlaluno, nodewords, the, to, with

The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

; $Id: CHANGELOG.txt,v 2009/12/31 01:22:06 kiam Exp $
; All the dates reported here are referred to UTC.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-31
#671128 by kiamlaluno: Bing authentication failure.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-30
#669896 by kiamlaluno: Meta tag DESCRIPTION content is not correctly shown.
#670342 by kiamlaluno: Special pages settings are not deleted.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-29
#669728 by kiamlaluno: Option "Auto-keywords vocabularies" is not used when node meta tags editing is not enabled.
#669684 by kiamlaluno: Change the code that verify if there are modules implementing meta tags for the current API version.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-28
#668804 by kiamlaluno: Meta tags content for specific pages are wrongly saved.
#669272 by kiamlaluno: "There are no modules that implement meta tags" message.
#667636 by kiamlaluno: Pull Description from body if metatag field and teaser are both empty.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-20
#660136 by beeradb: Canonical URL does not allow to use äöü.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-14
#659814 by kiamlaluno: The table shown in the other pages settings doesn't have the rows draggable anymore.
#651898 by kiamlaluno: {nodewords_custom}.path is copied in {nodewords}.id.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-13
#658630 by kiamlaluno: Generated canonical URL is not correct.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-12
#650362 by ao2: Canonical URL doesn't use the path alias (and URL is relative when base_url is empty).

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-09
#655012 by Dave Reid: Update vertical_tabs integration.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-08
#653696 by kiamlaluno: Users with administration permissions should always be able to edit the meta tags content.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-07
#653812 by kiamamluno: Change the way the meta tags content is saved in the database.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-06
#651896 by kiamlaluno: Meta tag ROBOTS for lists is not used.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-05
#652210 by kiamlaluno: Meta tag SCHEMA.DC is always output.
#651208 by kiamlaluno: Error while updating.
#650790 by kiamlaluno: Prepopulation of nodewords on translated nodes.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-04
#650718 by fenstrat: Auto meta description generation: third-party modules filter regex is broken.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-03
#650362 by kiamlaluno: Canonical URL doesn't use the path alias.
#650164 by a02: Code incorrectly uses the revision ID instead of the node ID.
#649748 by kiamlaluno: Correct the implementation of hook_form_alter().

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-02
#646964 by kiamlaluno: Meta tag DC.CREATOR always uses the Drupal username.
#648414 by kiamlaluno: Error while accessing the property of a not object, and an undefined variable.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-12-01
#647356 by kiamlaluno: Wrong implementation of hook_theme().

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-30
#646996 by kiamlaluno: Hook implemented in nodewords_extra.module doesn't have the correct name.
#646966 by kiamlaluno: nodewords_pages_edit_validate() reports the error for the wrong form field.
#646710 by kiamlaluno: Incorrect database schema when updating from a previous version.
#646656 by kiamlaluno: When there are no vocabularies, the option for the meta tag KEYWORDS to populate it with taxonomy terms doesn't appear.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-26
#640716 by ilo, kiamlaluno: Admin settings when no tags module is enabled.
#628868 by kiamlaluno: Meta tags content is not indexed from the search module.
#640906 by ilo: Readme.txt file is completely outdated.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-23
#640278 by KiamLaLuno: Change the order the settings for other pages are used.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-22
#639392 by KiamLaLuno: Wildcards not working in "Other Pages".
#638962 by KiamLaLuno: Unsupported operand types.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-19
#637396 by maximpodorov: Meta tags don't appear because a bug in the function that detects the page being viewed.
#636798 by KiamLaLuno: Re-add the call to drupal_alter('nodewords_tags').
#636978 by KiamLaLuno: Ubercart catalog page support.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-17
#635386 by KiamLaLuno: Add more options to filter the text present in the node teaser used as meta tag content.
#634174 by KiamLaLuno: Updating from 6100 to 6113 fails under PostgreSQL.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-15
#634106 by KiamLaLuno: Strip the text added by Image Browser.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-15
#632856 by dkruglyak: Error with version_compare().

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-14
#620408 by KiamLaLuno: Default value assigned to a parameter passed by reference.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-13
#556014 by KiamLaLuno: Allow third-party modules to help in detecting the type of the page shown.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-11
#629588 by KiamLaLuno: User profile meta tags are output even when they are not enabled.
#629564 by KiamLaLuno: Meta tags are not properly filtered.
#628868 by 63reasons-YP, KiamLaLuno: nodewords_nodeapi('update index') is bugged.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-10
#625816 by KiamLaLuno: Strip Image_Assist filter tags from description when set automatically from teaser.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-09
#626964 by KiamLaLuno: Merge nodewords - vertical tabs into main module.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-08
#626310 by Dave Reid: Undefined index: value in nodewords_basic.module.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-07
#626180 by KiamLaLuno: Form field is not included in the right fieldset.
#626162 by KiamLaLuno: Integration with Vertical tabs.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-06
#625054 by KiamLaLuno: <meta name="robots" content="noindex, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0" />.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-05
#624696 by Dmitriy.trt: Broken message for nodewords_bypath.
#623952 by KiamLaLuno: Automatically use node teaser for meta tag description if the meta tag DESCRIPTION form field is left empty.
#623962 by KiamLaLuno: Meta tag description from teaser does not work together with excerpt module.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-11-04
#622404 by KiamLaLuno: The meta tags are not shown for a page using the pager.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-31
#619846 by KiamLaLuno: Define base URL for canonical URLs.
#617600 by KiamLaLuno: Missing a way to add pages to 'other pages' setting.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-30
#618576 by KiamLaLuno: Invalid argument supplied for foreach.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-28
#616394 by KiamLaLuno: Upgrade from D5 ends with disabled nodewords module, but enabled submodules.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-27
#613376 by hass, KiamLaLuno: How to downgrade broken nodewords 1.1+ to 1.0 for a smooth upgrade to 1.3.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-25
#601436 by KiamLaLuno: When the option "Repeat meta tags for lists" is not selected, the canonical URL is not used.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-24
#613350 by KiamLaLuno: Rename the tab "Global and default meta tags".
#610458 by hass, KiamLaLuno: Extend default max meta description length to 350 characters.
#613360 by KiamLaLuno: Remove backup table "nodewords_10".
#613410 by KiamLaLuno: Code wrongly uses Drupal variables nodewords_basic_user_teaser_$content_type.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-23
#612976 by KiamLaLuno: "edit" and "head" array is not upgraded (settings lost).
#612978 by KiamLaLuno: Setting "Use the node teaser if the description meta tag is not set" lost after upgrade (setting lost).
#612210 by KiamLaLuno: Global settings not shown on settings page.
#587070 by KiamLaLuno: Meta tags form fields are always shown in the administration pages even if they are not selected to appear in the edit forms.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-22
#611686 by KiamLaLuno: Add the support for <link rel="meta" title="ICRA labels" />.
#611042 by KiamLaLuno: Global geourl is lost after upgrade (data loss).

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-19
#591538 by hass, KiamLaLuno: Upgrade path for new submodule names is broken.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-17
#604160 by KiamLaLuno: Call to undefined function drupal_get_install_files() in nodewords.module line 1084.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-13
#588946 by nonsie: Unable to edit the node meta tags unless the user has permission "administer nodes".
#603530 by KiamLaLuno: Error while uninstalling the modules.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-11
 by KiamLaLuno: Allow to use a different set of meta tags for the pager pages.
#600756 by KiamLaLuno: Change the tab title from "Global meta tags" to "Global and default meta tags".

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-10
#600460 by KiamLaLuno: Upgrade path for robots tag is missing (data loss).
#591538 by KiamLaLuno: Upgrade path for new submodule names is broken.
#600462 by KiamLaLuno: Upgrade path for global nodeword settings is missing.
#591524 by KiamLaLuno: Caching issues are still present.
#600464 by KiamLaLuno: Code is suppressing errors in many places of install files.
#600468 by KiamLaLuno: Uninstall in nodewords_basic delete wrong variables from variables table.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-04
#595734 by KiamLaLuno: Dash in variable names.
#591538 by KiamLaLuno: Submodule names not prefixed with base module name.
#593148 by andypost, KiamLaLuno: array_filter() error.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-10-02
#587260 by KiamLaLuno: Errors when upgrading from 6.x.1.0 to 6.x.1.2.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-30
#591706 by andypost: Wrong Google site verification meta tag.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-29
#587152 by KiamLaLuno: colspan counter wrong.
#588716 by hass, KiamLaLuno: Use drupal_set_html_head() for $variables['head'].
#590474 by KiamLaLuno: Permission strings are not translatable.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-28
#590222 by KiamLaLuno: Implement hook_node_type().
#588716 by KiamLaLuno: Use drupal_set_html_head() for $variables['head'].
#590054 by KiamLaLuno: Small typo.
#587046 by KiamLaLuno: update.php may fail on big sites for PHP timeout and/or memory reasons.
#589814 by KiamLaLuno: Invalid argument supplied for foreach in nodewords.module at line 385.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-27
#588946 by KiamLaLuno: Unable to edit the node meta tags unless the user has permission "administer nodes".
#586448 by KiamLaLuno: Allow to set a default value for the location meta tags as it was allowed before.
#588462 by KiamLaLuno: Add an option to disable the meta tags for specific content types.
#587744 by KiamLaLuno: Auto description from node teaser: the maximum length is not respected.
#588620 by KiamLaLuno: Code shows only the first character of the meta tag content.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-26
#587248 by mikeytown2, KiamLaLuno: Meta tags content is not correctly encoded/filtered.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-25
#588156 by hass: Translatable string review.
#587514 by KiamLaLuno: Reintroduce the global keywords as in the previous version of the module.
#587710 by KiamLaLuno: Auto description from node teaser: when the attribute alt is empty, the tag img is replaced by [].
#587108 by KiamLaLuno: nodewords_unique() should not change text to lower case.
#587120 by KiamLaLuno: Rename menu item 'Nodewords' to 'Meta tags'.
#587656 by KiamLaLuno: Remove the call to drupal_alter('nodewords_tags').
#584720 by KiamLaLuno: Allow the meta tag "Description" to be generated from the node teaser.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-24
#587060 by KiamLaLuno: Remove the settings for the offline site.
#560022 by KiamLaLuno: Meta tags "Revisit after" and "Robots" are not output.
#586434 by KiamLaLuno: Implement hook_requirements().
#585358 by plj, KiamLaLuno: SQL queries contain {{.
#586168 by KiamLaLuno: The "noodp" robots meta tag is misspelled.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-23
#585908 by KiamLaLuno: Add the documentation on how to add custom meta tags through extra_metatags.module.
#587084 by KiamLaLuno: Typo in "lenght".

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-22
#584810 by KiamLaLuno: Use db_rewrite_sql() when getting a taxonomy term.
#584720 by KiamLaLuno: Remove the possibility to generate the meta tag "Description" from the node teaser.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-09-21
#558622 by KiamLaLuno: Change the way the module checks if a module is supporting the current API version.
#558192 by KiamLaLuno: Cache the meta tags definition data obtained from third-party modules.
#573192 by KiamLaLuno: SQL errors on module install.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-22
#556240 by KiamLaLuno: Wrong implementations of hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
#556094 by AlexisWilke, KiamLaLuno: Document the argument for _nodewords_get_pages_data().
#556278 by KiamLaLuno: Undefined offset: 1.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-20
#542078: Integration with CheckAll.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-15
#518140 by KiamLaLuno: Add the support for node / user bulk operations.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-14
#236833 by KiamLaLuno: Add more settings pages for the global meta tags.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-12
#547956 by KiamLaLuno: Meta tag keywords doesn't show any keywords in the page output.
#546968 by KiamLaLuno: Nothing is saved in database.
#546806 by jcmarco: Missing semicolon.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-11
#546314 by jcmarco: Syntax error in SQL query.
#545102 by jcmarco: Site verification tags are not added.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-08-07
#542688 by KiamLaLuno: Error in the table name.
#542074 by KiamLaLuno: Add a page for the error pages meta tags.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-30
#537984 by manarth: Integrate with CCK content-type forms.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-30
#535100 by KiamLaLuno: Validation function uses incorrect values for the longitude.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-22
#523536 by KiamLaLuno: Sort the meta tags fields shown in the edit page.
#526796 by KiamLaLuno: Update function calls update_sql() without to first escape the strings passed to the function.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-20
#524570 by KiamLaLuno: Add support for NOSNIPPET.
#523948 by KiamLaLuno: Unchecking all robots meta tag options the meta tag is not output.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-18
#523526 by KiamLaLuno: Split nodewords.module into nodewords.module, basic_metatags.module, and extra_metatags.module.
#522992 by KiamLaLuno: Create a sub-module for the site verification meta tags.
#523272 by KiamLaLuno: Problems setting meta tags configuration up.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-17
#296963 by KiamLaLuno: Support for site verification meta tag.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-16
#521794 by KiamLaLuno: Call to undefined function nodewords_add_html_head() while accessing a view generated page.
#517480 by KiamLaLuno: Add the validation code for the meta tag form fields.
By KiamLaLuno: Reverted the changes made with #509910.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-14
#517464 by KiamLaLuno: Reorganize the settings page.
#518146 by KiamLaLuno: Rename "Global meta tags" as "Default meta tags".
#510200 by KiamLaLuno: Global meta tags should be saved in the database as the other meta tags.
#516662 by KiamLaLuno: "collapsed" property should not always be set to TRUE.
#518342 by KiamLaLuno: The module doesn't output all the meta tags.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-13
#509802 by KiamLaLuno: Allow multiple values per meta tag.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-11
#516518 by KiamLaLuno: _nodewords_get_possible_tags(TRUE) is not returning the list of meta tags.
#516506 by KiamLaLuno: Invalid argument supplied for foreach().
#516500 by KiamLaLuno: Missing argument for nodewords_nodewords_tags_list_alter().

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-10
#515836 by KiamLaLuno: Error while saving the front page meta tags.
#515180 by KiamLaLuno: Use different Drupal variables for the settings.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-05
#510424 by KiamLaLuno: array_key_exists() argument error.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-04
#509910 by KiamLaLuno: Remove the option for the meta tags that can be edited.
#509836 by KiamLaLuno: Add additional checks for the user permissions.
#509826 by KiamLaLuno: The global meta tags field set is shown on the bottom of the form.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-03
#313057 by KiamLaLuno: Support for PICS meta tags.
#354821 by KiamLaLuno: Use existing node location from location module for GeoURL/ICBM Meta Tag.
#508922 by KiamLaLuno: Global meta tags values should be the default values used when the module cannot use a specific value.
#508894 by KiamLaLuno: Allow the user to edit the global value for each meta tag.
#300180 by KiamLaLuno: Add permissions to edit each meta tag.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-02
#507798 by KiamLaLuno: Use node_teaser().

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-07-01
#507514 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Support for NOOPD, and NOYDIR.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-06-30
#506640 by Kiam@avpnet.org: The module handles paths that are not used by Drupal.
#492728 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Meta tags field set is show in each tab present in the editing form for the user profile.
#506474 by Island Usurper: Replace nodewords_init() with nodewords_preprocess_page().

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-06-25
#374049 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Add a default value for the node canonical URL.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-06-21
#497580 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Settings page doesn't list any meta tag.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-06-19
#495352 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Change the default for 'use the node teaser for the description meta tag' to FALSE, and add a warning.
#494398 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Wrong call to drupal_alter().
#374049 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Add the support for <link rel="canonical">.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-06-02
#478990 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Add the support for more meta tags setting fields.
#253324 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Add the support for the NOARCHIVE option for the robots meta tag.
#478988 by Robrecht Jacques, Kiam@avpnet.org: Change the way the list of supported meta tags is created.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-06-01
#395460 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Create dc_title.inc, and geourl.inc from geourl.inc.
#476602 by Robrecht Jacques, Kiam@avpnet.org: Informations about meta tags should come only from the .inc files.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-05-31
#393844 by SeroSero: Convert & to & in _nodewords_check_content().
#178307 by deviantintegral, joestewart@drupal.org, Kiam@avpnet.org: Handling of ALT attributes.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-05-29
#216262 by mrfelton, Kiam@avpnet.org: Meta tags are not added to all the views.
By Kiam@avpnet.org: Replaced multiple call to arg(NN) with a single call to arg().
#428356 by lastnico, Kiam@avpnet.org: Poll results page has not meta tags.
#445464 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Add the option to disable the meta tags editing for users.

Nodewords 6.x-1 2009-05-28
#428348 by lastnico: Allow hook_nodewords() to override existing tags.
#388516 by psynaptic, clarkburbidge: Default to collapsed fieldset on form pages.
#474766 by Kiam@avpnet.org: Optimize the code.

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