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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

Panels 3.x-3.9 (2011-Jan-12)
#959206: Legacy mode rendering fails with flexible due to CSS file not getting added.
#964334: Panels breaks views' row styles with the panels fields style.
#961662 by Nick Lewis: Account for pager info in simple caching.
Scrub css id and css class on panes.

Panels 6.x-3.8 (2010-Oct-29)
hook_panels_pre_render() and hook_panels_post_render() getting empty displays.
#865704: Editing mini panels styles failed badly due to missing piece of cache.
Custom style could crash if trying to enable style reuse without first enabling stylizer.module.
In Flexible, the "class" would not stick when adding a new region/row/column but would when editing.
#861426: Editing a mini panel while that same mini panel is displayed on the page resulted in a crash.
#871730: Panel nodes with IPE enabled let anyone use IPE.
#877810: Multiple "Add flexible layout" tabs appearing based on number of flexible layouts stored.
#873224 by thsutton: hook_requirements() could cause notice error.
#867340 by cedarm: Restore removed but deprecated panels_render_layout() function.
#871942 by dwatson: Invalid CSS made dragger image not appear during IPE.
#867864: Fix a admin title and edit link problems with custom content types.
#570194: Add support for the "checkall" module in the content permissions page.
#696846: Mini panels conflated displayed title with admin title.
#889824: Custom class could would cause stylizer class to become malformed.
Add a simple "Panels" row style to Views that lets you put fields in a panel layout.
Add two new Page Wizards to more easily create some of the most commonly used Panel pages.
#869766 by rupl: flexible layout builder could fail with multiple columns in only one row. (Needs clear cache to see changes in generated CSS.)
#897214: Mini panel uninstall tried to order mini panels by a non-existing field.
#893456 by omerida: Change FAPI definition of panel node "body" field to be more consistent with other node body fields.
#812658 by naxoc: Caching should take language into account.
#890086: Possible crash in flexible layout by not having CTools export.inc loaded.
#899456 by yareckon: IPE customize button needs to be reset to "static" instead of "normal".
#806874 by ximo: Allow panes to specify "render first" as well as "render last".
#920266 by dereine: Typo in cache.inc caused wsods in rare circumstances.
#879482 by mvc: Ensure Panels and CTools module files are loaded during update. Apparently could cause WSOD if not.
#917614 by jskulski: IPE broken in IE.
#906520: Improve CSS for rounded shadow boxes on IE7.
#923894 by yareckon: IPE save/cancel buttons can fail due to translation issues.
#932632 by mikeytown2: Fix notice in .install file.
#927840: Add clear-block to dashboard HTML to ensure themes do not do weird things to it.
#941806: Fix incorrect link to configure mini panel on block config page.
#869766: Fix occasional problem with flexible layout pushing the entire layout to the left in certain fixed-width only configurations.
#949310: E_STRICT violation on declaration of render_pane() method of display renderers.
#827628: "Add content" dialog could lose content with the same title as other content.
#955102: Fix notice in panel nodes when legacy rendering is not on.

Panels 6.x-3.7 (2010-Jul-26)
Experimentally introduced the In-Place Editor (IPE).
Updated Panels Stylizer to use CTools' new Export UI.
Deprecated panels_get_panels() function. This will be eventually disappear. Use panels_get_regions() instead.
#834084: Reusable flexible layout introduced. Admin UI at admin/build/panels/layouts.
Clean up flexible. Attempt to reduce the use of unnecessary divs. 
Add more ability to control flexible classes.
Add ability to fix flexible canvas to a set width.
Allow disabling of scaling for IE6 in flexible.
Fixes to IPE:
  Add pane would add the new pane outside region styling
  Add pane would not appear in empty regions
  Panes could not be dragged to empty regions
  Save would lose content if they were inside stylizer styled regions
#822234 by Amitaibu: Missing url() caused IPE to not work on sites not using top level URLs.
#844062: Turned the normal drag and drop editor into a renderer plugin, made the IPE part of it. Also some fairly serious code reorganization.
Improve the renderer selection framework. This framework has no UI, but it utilizes exportables and new choices can be hand crafted.
Improve the IPE to use the proper cache if it is set, and to respect locking.
#847784: IPE displayed "Edit" link when no such link should have existed.
#843758: Legacy renderer caused "missing argument" warning when rendering.
Made it possible to override jQuery UI sortable options via settings in the renderer plugin.
Moved Panels stylizer to CTools. You must update CTools at the same time as Panels.
#737602: Generic NOT checkbox for all access tests.
#369628: Sort results by export key when bulk exporting.
#690902: Improvement to export.module integration of panel nodes.
#690814 by neclimdul: Panels mini edit form could overwrite page title.
#675220 by dereine: Provide a watchdog message if a layout can't be loaded when rendering a panel.
#713526 by psynaptic: Omit top and bottom region divs in stacked layouts if regions are empty.
#823216 by jonathan1055: Put quotes around url() in rounded corners CSS.
#603150 by hefox: Protect against the panels node add form being used in unusual places.
#841824 by levacjeep: Extend panels_edit and panels_edit_layout to allow more options with the $destination.
#842976 by drewish: Make sure the theme knows path and file information for plugin supplied themes.
#743850 by foripepe: Add delete panel node permissions.
#532900: Flexible sometimes did not update links when region settings changed.
#723036: Node pane previews did not include node content as they should.
#831216: It should not be possible to remove the Canvas.
#216076: Make sure that empty panes are not rendered. Note: Legacy mode region styles can still render empty panes anyway.
#609626: Static caching loading mini panels.
#848712 by josh_k: Use panel nodes with IPE.
#860306 by jcmarco: "Substitutions" fieldset would not open due to missing js.
#856964: "Custom style" selection was not working.
#863302: Allow IPE to cope with empty panes.
#865344: by jrockowitz: Panel node access hook should use $account.

Panels 6.x-3.5 (2010-May-28)
Replaced panels_load_include() with ctools_include().
Restored (and deprecated) panels_print_layout(), as other modules were relying on it.

Panels 6.x-3.4 (2010-May-19)
Introduced Panels Stylizer.
Removed superfluous function, panels_sanitize_display().
#655268: Fix a problem retrieving cached content created by #634746.
Removed the old and crufty panels_print_layout().
#745808 by Robbert: use number_format() in flexible width calculations to ensure locale settings cannot bork generated CSS.
Stopped wasting cycles trying to render a mini panel in a block when we know the mini panel doesn't exist.
#765978 by joshk: Added watchdoggery and a hook to panels_display_save().
#746568 by mgriego: Disable block caching for mini panels.
#798954 by dixon: Pass $form_state to style plugins' validate and submit callbacks.
#779012 by c960657: implement the callback for a single content_type subtype in panels_mini to improve performance with  large numbers of mini panels.
#763584 by neclimdul: Add a link to the block configuration page for mini-panels that takes the user to edit that mini- panel.
Security updates: protect the importer with the 'use PHP for block visibility' permission.

Panels 6.x-3.3 (2010-Feb-01)

#612850: Fix crash bug with panes referencing deleted/missing views.
#614178: Transition to panels-pane.tpl.php caused empty panes to display again.
#634746 by joshk: Allow pane caching to modify the content during cache storage.
#612116 by johnskulski: panels-pane preprocess was incorrectly rendering $links
#612704 by c960657: panels_get_pane_content() inappropriately created a blank context when no contexts were available.
#618624 by johnskulski: Better classes for panel panes.
#651306 by joachim: Add "edit any panel node" permission. Not sure why this was never there.
#497042: Add update.php to remove unused panels_page_router_store table, if it exists.
#683162: Convert all plugins to use new $plugin = array() format. This is less brittle than the specially named hook.
#543898: Fix notice error when a layout has no regions.
#647706: Mini panel names can only be 32 characters, but the form failed to restrict the limit.
Introduce the Panels stylizer module which builds on the CTools stylizer base to create user definable, recolorable styles.

Panels 6.x-3.2 (2009-Oct-21)

#606980 by Deciphered and sethfreach: Typo caused panel-pane class to disappear if another class was assigned.
#607242: Using the wrong variable in hook_block can cause title to not be overridable.
#608062: Visibility rules did not appear in the list when added to a pane (though they still applied).

Panels 6.x-3.1 (2009-Oct-15)

#552846 by eMPee584: Fix notice with tablesorts on mini panels page if no mini panels exist.
#568218: Links to clone, export, delete/revert, enable/disable variants from the main summary page were incorrect and led to an operation trail not found message.
#533724: Prevent Panels from upgrading while uninstalled, as that upgrades into broken pages.
#529816: Allow flexible layout to add custom classes to each region.
Rearrange the pane dropdown menus to be better organized and look a little nicer.
Add a new field to allow setting a panel title from one of its panes.
#562560 by Damien McKenna: Integration with export.module
#583172 by jacine: Turn panel pane into a template, as it always should have been.
#604404: Make sure caching does not trigger for form POSTs.

Panels 6.x-3.0 (2009-Aug-19)

#529258 by stella: Attempting to modify CSS properties on mini panel causes ajax failure.
#537430 by dereine: Fix untranslatable strings in panels dashboard template.
#530104 by stella: Fix import problem with mini panels.
#535606: Mini panel deletion deleted all block config of all mini panels.
#539418 by esmerel: Remove reference to panel page from module description.
#535722: Fix incorrect "title" tag on categories in add content modal.
Fix a bug with drag and drop UI that caused panes to break after other panes were added.
#538900: Fix bug with flexible when having multiple regions of the same name if they have a space.
#552014: Hide Substitutions fieldset if there are no contexts.
#552006: Add Content modal now opens to explanatory text instead of the first category.
#553392 by lee20: Fix node allowed layouts not properly respected on edit layout screen.

Panels 6.x-3.0-rc1

#515316: Add permission to view Panels admin dashboard.
#298174: Recursion defense for mini panels.
#502670: Extra HTML designed only for flexible layout admin accidentally rendered.
#507516: "Default" panel style on regions not being properly utilized.
#476440: Seriously, cloning variants really realy fixed.
#518360 by joshk: Panels node form doesn't have format properly associated.
#525340 by markus_petrux: Dashboard improperly initializing a variable.
#460902 by dmmckenna: Fix problem installing panels from an install profile.
#488278: Preview on panel nodes prior to creation caused errors.
#475920: Create "use panels dashboard" permission to more easily control who can and cannot use it.
#384552: Fix incompatibilities with theme developer. Drag & drop screen does not need to be themable.

Panels 6.x-3.0-beta4
Note: beta3 skipped to stay even with CTools beta numbers.
Removal of non-functioning bulk export module in favor of the new one in CTools.
Update to require CTools API 1.1.0
Updates to work with the new Page Manager UI in CTools.

Panels 6.x-3.0-beta2
Update to require CTools based upon its advertised API version number.
Update code to ensure that the dead 'panels simple cache' module is really dead.
Attempt to go back further in history for a Panels 1 upgrade path.
Fix for making sure Panels completely disables itself if using incompatible version of CTools.
Update CSS caching on panel page and panel context to use ctools_css_store instead of remembering the filename.
Infinite loop protection in panel nodes.
#459078: Provide the "read more" flag for teasers of panel nodes.
Fix broken styling when dragging a panel pane.
Integrate with CTools tab system so we can add edit tabs to all our panel pages.
#454208: pgsql does not support concat(), so use || instead for postgres.
#445828: Remove "Settings" link if a content type has no settings form.
#460200: Allow regions and columns that have only 'fixed' width items. Disallow changing a 'fixed' item to 'fluid.'

Panels 6.x-3.0-beta1

#422712: Panel page import button went to wrong place.
#423288: Profile template plugin had wrong path.
#424176: Panel nodes: Remove unused layout screen, fix some notice errors, give context a description.
New simpler panel page task that doesn't bother with handlers at all.
#317121: Respect 'hide title' option in display settings.
#422404: Update to exportables left mini panels kind of broken.
#422180 by joshk: Fix panel node_access to accept incoming $account.
Moved content types to CTools.
Better add content dialog.
#437742 by jcmarco: Missing include.
#440142 by jcmarco: Did not change panels_get_content_types to ctools_get_content_types.
Add a live preview widget to the panel content edit page.
Fix panel page type to actually respect the contexts.
Upgrades from as far back as Drupal 5 can now be supported.
Rearranged the menus, created the Panel dashboard.
Returned the allowed content settings form to panel page
Added allowed layouts to settings form for panel pages, nodes, minis.
#362754 by dereine: Fix invalid XHTML in 3col 33/34/33 template.
#375686: Create panels_get_current_page_display() to replace the old panels_get_current_page() function.
#424798: Respond to a cloned handler by properly cloning the display as well.
#424290: Ensure content.inc is loaded during panels display save so that everything can be found.
#422090: Ensure the first item added to a row is fluid. Fixed can then be added after that.

Panels 6.x-3.0-alpha3
Note: This changelog is incomplete, as it was started sometime after alpha2.ls

#349979 by Dave Reid: Proper use of link alter.
#374628: Add a check for broken display to the admin summary to prevent crashes.
Retool flexible layout into a nice javascripty visual layout builder.
Retool mini panels to use ctools export class and provide a .inc file for its content type as a better example.
Store a panel task handler's display in the database.
Add a mechanism to fetch information about just one content subtype (i.e, single view, single block) instead of fetching them all.
Overhaul node_content_type creating a .inc file.
Add 'content type' property to content types.
Add 'defaults' property to content types.
Panels views cleanup, including making exposed form blocks available.
#391788 by guix: Simple cache should not unserialize data that is now already unserialized.
#367635 by lee20: View title built too early and so lost arguments.

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