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Drupal 6 tagadelic Project Source Code Files/Examples

These Drupal 6 tagadelic files are included here as part of our Drupal source code examples project. (Please see that project page, including our promise to donate back to the Drupal open source community.)

Drupal 6 tagadelic Project README File

This content is from the Drupal 6 tagadelic project README file:

 Tagadelic is a small module, without any databases, or configuration, that generates pages with weighted tags.
 Tagadelic is bothe an out of the box, ready to use module, if you want simple weighted tag clouds. With, or without some small CSS moderations this will probably suit most cases. 
 But tagadelic is an API system too. You can pass your queries to the APIs and get weighted clouds of virtually anything: clouds by amout of views, clouds for a certain user, etceteras. The module does not do all this, but you can make it do that, with quite little coding.
 More on http://www.webschuur.com/modules/tagadelic
 Carpentered in the webschuur.com by Bèr Kessels

Drupal 6 tagadelic Project Source Code Files

These are direct links to the Drupal 6 tagadelic project source code files included in this project: