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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

CHANGELOG for Views 2 for Drupal 6
Views 2.11 (Jun 16, 2010)
  Bug fixes:
    o #770006 by macdee: Taxonomy term default plugin mysteriously broken.
    o #767146 by bangpound: Validation not passed down into row style plugin.
    o #513396 by yhager and jcisio: Views trim was not multibyte safe.
    o #550420 by blauerberg: Views RSS did not properly pass readmore flag from node to RSS item.
    o #781296 by dereine: Node: Type "link to its node" option broken.
    o #769010 by andrea.gariboldi: Overuse of query substitutions fails on some databases.
    o #607418: Fix queries broken with "ambiguous nid" due to uncommon relationships.
    o #768162: Revert inadvertant change to grid style behavior.
    o #815392 by killes and dereine: Incorrect construction of $account caused accidental non-permanent change to $user->roles.
    o #723454 by dereine: Upgrade from 5.0 could cause blocks for views with long names to lose configuration.
    o SA-CONTRIB-2010-067: Fix CSRF and XSS vulnerabilities.

Views 2.10 (Apr 08, 2010)
  Bug fixes:
    o #765760 by crea: New setting for raw node type had wrong default.
    o #682888 by jcmarco: With zen and zen subthemes, the new $classes array could fail for row styles.
    o #765340 by dereine: <front> token accidentally removed by html entity stripping from URLs.
    o #765352: Fix for postgress versions prior to 8.3 which caused data loss in update.php. Note: This will not repair lost data. If you experienced this you must restore your views_display table from backup.
    o #766046: Live preview broken right after adding new display.
    o #740130: #561892 not applied correctly, caused the 'rewrite' checkbox to be ignored and rewrite always used.
    o #765296: field IDs could get out of sync, causing render path to try to render a field that did not exist leading to whitescreens.

Views 2.9 (Apr 07, 2010)
  Bug fixes:
    o #650152: Book: Top Level Book relationship broken by earlier patch and caused broken query.
    o #651244 by dagmar: Other instances of <Any> are not translatable and should not be run trhough t().
    o #653628: init declaration for views_handler_filter_many_to_one() did not match parent init.
    o #657700: Fixed 'Override normal sorting if click sorting is used' setting on the table style plugin that was broken by #622602.
    o #473698 by jrglasgow: Fix error in help text regarding custom theming.
    o #387448 by joachim: Provide better help text to describe how to use sticky sort.
    o #652716 by dagmar: "no single" flag on filter objects not completely respected, causing improper default filters.
    o #621780 by PaulMagrath: Even/Odd classes wrong with grouping due to row numbering no longer being sequential.
    o #642328 by dboulet: Always include views.css since a site using Views probably uses it in blocks anyway.
    o #629840 by fuerst: Search filter caused bad query on PostgreSQL.
    o #329390: views_break_phrase could break under PHP4 due to reference error.
    o #652742: Replacement pattern tokens for multiple fields did not work.
    o #659510 by Souvent22 and dereine: glossary AJAX broken.
    o #335599 by miro_dietiker: Remove the 95% width constraint on the admin hover links to be nicer to themes.
    o #670308 by Mike Wacker: Make views_get_view() properly set disabled flag when retrieving default views.
    o #536910 by dereine: Theme and language should be taken into account during caching.
    o #627402 by dereine: Aggregator description needed more controllable input filtering.
    o #416264 by bec: Dependency processing could cause exposed forms to disappear if used multiple times on the same page.
    o #657442 by nicholasThompson and dagmar: Include "mail" field in user picture so that modules that need this do not break when rendering picture in Views.
    o #329044 by gordon: Check to see if access plugin exists before using to prevent whitescreens.
    o #455364 by sdrycroft: Prevent modules trying to define the same default view name from breaking everything.
    o #422434 by BWPanda: Correct (NULL) to (NOT NULL) in varios operator descriptions for empty/not empty.
    o #692428 by Roi Danton: Documentation typo fix.
    o #713210 by dereine: Node language settings could persist for subsequent rows if they should not have had a language.
    o #674772 by joachim: Unable to distinguish profile.module fields with same name in different profile categories.
    o #727798 by SteveReher: Fix typo in overrides.html documentation.
    o #621980 by yhahn: Namespace tabs.js to guarantee no conflicts with jQuery UI.
    o #684656 by yhahn: Prevent Views from performing an unneeded variable_set() during block list.
    o #455364 by iva2k: Default views were getting loaded twice.
    o #737120 by james.williams: Fix help text for date offsets which gave incorrect information.
    o #737118 by DeFr: Allow API calls to delete to not clear the views cache to facilitate batch operations.
    o #673852 by yhahn: Allow access plugins to choose whether or not "access all views" should be used.
    o #546586 by jeffschuler: String 0 values were being treated as empty therefore not displayed as fields.
    o #651274 by dagmar: Show relationship labels in field lists for style config forms.
    o #531686 by jweowu: Update process failed to properly track its history, causing errors when updating from really old sites.
    o #638004 by stBorchert and BillyMG: If a field "Output as link" ends up with an empty path, do not actually print an empty link.
    o #657384 by smoothify: Under rare circumstances, date default argument could get wrong value.
    o #658842 by tomgf: Provide a proper ellipsis instead of "...".
    o #662654 by dereine: Do not use query to load/validate a user if the user happens to be the logged in user.
    o #640862 by dereine: Properly clear feed icon when cloning a view to prevent duplicate feed icons in attachments.
    o #672044 by moshebeeri: Right-To-Left for views.css.
    o #677936 by mr.baileys: "views-row-last" class accidentally omitted on grids with just one row.
    o #673184 by markus petrux: Default views not always properly loaded by language.
    o #433948 by dereine: "numeric" => FALSE not properly supported in handler definitions.
    o #708618 by thsutton: Friendlier message when a handler is missing.
    o #701588 by dereine: Delete button should say Revert on Overridden views.
    o #508124 by dereine: "accept_null" should have been "accept null" in boolean filter definitions.
    o #513396 by yhager: Attempt multi-byte safety for "trim at word boundary" setting.
    o #418230 by Scott Reynolds: Views adds wrong nid with "Node: Has new content".
    o #558602 by dboulet and Crashtest_: Summary views should provide "active" class on links properly.
    o #496634 by dereine: Fix long-standing issue of "0" not being a valid argument for multiple integer CCK types.
    o #521954 by Agileware: Allow taxonomy breadcrumbs to link to actual taxonomy page instead of back to view.
    o #528838 by zzolo: If exposed form is in a block, and the form does not validate, ensure the form does not render twice.
    o #727304 by mariusz.slonina: User edit link was disallowing users from editing themselves.
    o #733142 by dereine: Link path field restricts input to too few characters for long links.
    o #675264 by peck66: Freeform profile list field did not output properly.
    o #663372 by dan.nsk: Allow tokens to work in the "target" field during link rewriting.
    o #747418 by dereine: Fix taxonomy term ID bug introduced in #496634.
    o #466250 by alex_b and dereine: Enlarge views_display field to prevent heavy displays from losing data.
    o #689780 by deviantintegral: AJAX scrolling could go to wrong place.

  Other changes:
    o #570558 by yhahn: Segment default views caching to conserve memory used by Views during normal operation.
    o #661676 by dagmar: Improve error handling during AJAX failures.
    o #685622 by dereine: Field to provide link to a node revision.
    o #484600 by dereine: Ability to disable the automatic live preview.
    o #716236 by jmiccolis: Allow default menu tabs to also have menu entries.
    o #550132 by tha_sun: Allow plugins to better control the callbacks used for page type displays.
    o #548292 by mikeker: Create a "Node: path" field that can be used to display the aliased path to a node.
    o #666912 by dereine: Prevent imports of views created by newer, incompatible versions of Views.
    o #672864 by dereine: Add a column count class to the table style for themers to more easily do generic targeting.
    o #552498 by dereine: User email as an argument.
    o #515324 by dereine: Make API documentation easier to find.
    o #488314 by yhahn: Allow relationship to fetch nodes from terms.
    o #685938 by dereine: Sync preview widget to current tab to reduce WTFs when previewing the wrong display.
    o #739448 by brunodbo: Allow "Jump Menu" to set the "Choose" text in style options.
    o #730454 by stella: Add "translate" link along with view/edit/delete links on nodes.
    o #474174 by dereine: Analyze will now warn about "node/%" not being a valid path for Views.
    o #619642 by dereine: Allow argument for user language.
    o #675154 by dereine and Crashtest_: Improvements to rendering trim text and tag stripping.
    o #730810 by alex_b: Add fields for authmap table.
    o #666920 by dereine: Include actual API version in exports.
    o #689446 by dereine: Allow use of l() in link rewriting to not check for aliases.
    o #684608 by dereine: Default argument to acquire a taxonomy tid from the URL or a node in the URL.
    o #496840 by dereine: Allow boolean filters to define additional output formats and provide an additional for Node: Sticky.
    o #689260 by dereine: Allow "Node type" field to output the machine name as well as the human readable name.
    o #740686 by jacine: Introduce $classes array in views-view.tpl.php.
    o #582348 by dagmar: Allow UI setting a CSS class for views-view.tpl.php
    o #682030 by killes: Add term relation table integration.
    o #339758 by dereine: Better handling for display of set options in multiple choice filters.
    o #330160 by aditya_kristanto: Improve text to make it easier to find where to edit the view description.
    o #765022: SA-CONTRIB-2010-036: Fix XSS and PHP vulnerabilities.

Views 2.8 (Dec 02, 2009)
  Bug fixes:
    o #622602: Missing ORDER BY in some views with tables due to incorrect test for default table sorting.
    o #623498 by marcp: total_rows should be filled in if fetching all records.
    o #535206: Attachment displays repeat exposed filters because exposed filters were left hanging around during cloning.
    o #450346 by lefnire: Inherit Exposed Filters sometimes hides part of the parent exposed filters
    o #550560 by donquixote: Fix unterminated string in views.help.ini that breaks under php 5.3
    o #592476 by Garrett Albright: Remove redundant CSS from views-list.css
    o #366250 by Markus Petrux: Fix glitches with tabledrag and jQuery 1.3.
    o #581616 by cangeceiro: Defend text color from themes in Views UI.
    o #589484 by Markus Petrux: External styles could not properly provide advanced help files.
    o #494490 by Niels Hackius: User picture incorrectly set as an inline element when it should be block.
    o #616956 by neochief: Exposed form labels should have "for" keyword.
    o #620046 by cedric: Date validate handler does not fallback properly causing sporadic improper validation.
    o #628330 by dereine: Do not print n/a for empty formatted fields.
    o #515564: Views UI would fail to rearrange with > 25 fields.
    o #452384: Fix PHP 5.3 compatibility.
    o #619884: Fix incorrect grouping for styles other than table.
    o #539498: "Comments: Node link" did not work at all. Replaced with "Node: Add comment link" which is what that was supposed to do.
    o #638916 by dereine: views.help.ini strings need quoting to continue to work in PHP 5.3
    o #636988 by Steve McKenzie: Wrong ajax data could be sent in rare circumstances when using AJAX paging.
    o #576386 by jmorahan: Fix book sort help text to be more accurate by not telling you to do something that will not work.
    o #348130 by dereine: "<Any>" should not be translatable since it looks like HTML.
    o #630430 by cafuego: Fix typo in argument text.
    o #370651: Make Views AJAX work with mod_security enabled.
    o #648438 by dww: In rare circumstances, unnecessary term_node tables could be joined in when adding term_data relationships.
    o #639430 by dagmar: theme.inc warning when comments are displayed without links.

  Other changes:
    o #580320 by chaps2: Allow "always use more link" setting.
    o #363516 by dagmar: Validate the uniqueness of exposed filter identifiers.
    o #584880 by drewish: Wrong base field declarations fixed.
    o #480162 by dereine: Count whitespace fields as empty for hiding labels.
    o #623580 by dagmar: Move can_expose() method to base handler to deal with validation change made in previous commit.
    o #626422 by vgarvardt: Static caching of validated taxonomy terms to improve taxonomy_term performance.
    o #622608: Allow attachments to inherit pager data.
    o #495606 by Roi Danton and dereine: Introduce views_get_view_result() as a fast way to get just the results of a view.
    o #614040 by dereine: Introduce hook_views_plugins_alter()
Views 2.7 (Nov 02, 2009)
  Bug fixes:
    o Table style when not overriding sorts put sorts in wrong order.
    o #488908 by sl27257: "Node: Has new content" only worked when exposed.
    o #451110 by wonder95: Fixed missing word in transform case help text.
    o #385904 by JirkaRybka: Prevent duplication of id edit-submit on views exposed form.
    o #489888 by TheRec: Remove erroneous "alt" attribute from <a> when using link rewriting.
    o #499078 by Darren Oh: Make sure theme is initialized for pre_render hook.
    o #490516 by v_20q: Some fields not properly being marked as translatable due to option unpacking bug.
    o #484222 by dereine: Attachment displays were ignoring access settings.
    o #503098 by Davide Goode: Feed displays should have link displays since they link to a page display.
    o #381346 by ayalon: Allow Taxonomy: Tid as a field, which is now needed for rewrites which may need tids.
    o #485296 by overall and deekayen: Remove unnecessary t() call.
    o #460838 by Darren Oh: Make DISTINCT more distinct.
    o #503774 by dereine: Cache time failed to return the proper cutoff time.
    o #506098: Table sorting with no default was overriding sorts even tho it was not supposed to.
    o #407538: Ensure views_break_phrase() will stop providing warnings on empty strings.
    o #420850 by dereine: Commas should not be used to separate items in a profile list field.
    o #482162 by agentrickard: link path needed further sanitization to properly encode special characters.
    o Tables would not accept 0 as having data so columns with zeroes would lose data when merging with other columns.
    o #529164: Fatal typo in profile list field.
    o #537870 by dww: Fixed a bug in the [uplodate_fid-size] token where format_size() was called on it twice.
    o #510910 by mfb: Fixed bug where multiple fields sharing a column in a table was broken so only the final field would display.
    o #546586 by dww: Fixed bugs that prevented '0' being a valid rewrite text or empty text for a view field. Also fixes a logic bug regarding the handling of the 'Count the number 0 as empty' setting.
    o #507884 by TheRec: Removed matching title (alt) attribute on node links.\
    o #468370 by emackn: Proper timezone support on postgres.
    o #508124 by voxpelli: Optionally allow boolean to treat NULL as FALSE.
    o #487528 by dereine: Fix typo in 'Maximum length' field instructions.
    o #303800 by Justin W Freeman: Improve dashes to spaces transformation.
    o #538530 by elcuco: Views export textareas should be LTR.
    o #538204 by dereine: User picture should be sortable.
    o #540122 by stella: Attachment displays should attach even if arguments caused the primary display to abort.
    o #544098 by joachim: Fix validation quirks with defaulted handlers.
    o #485872 by dereine: Make sure views.css is always loaded for all users.
    o #442982 by killes: Make destroy() method more robust so that views are more readily reused.
    o #520558 by bdurbin: node access filter not properly checking 'view'.
    o #535424 by Hugo Wetterberg: Download file link could provide empty a tag if no file is available.
    o #554000 by killes: Preview checking wrong flag for preview state causes feeds to display incorrectly when embedded.
    o #554016 by webchick: views_embed_view() should check view access.
    o #523222 by gpk: Contact link should not be allowed for the anonymous user.
    o #563540 by dereine: Fix description of cache plugin settings.
    o #564536 by dereine: Node links should allow language setting from node data.
    o #551752 by dereine: Clean up row counter code.
    o #451208 by dereine and superbaloo: Fix grid style to not leave missing tds in bottom row.
    o #561892 by dereine: Unchecking "rewrite this field" but leaving a value caused field to be rewritten anyway.
    o #408894 by dereine: Views AJAX incorrectly used "access content" permission.
    o #574150 by dereine: Remove user search because user.module does not store user keywords.
    o #511908 by dww: Too many check plains in selects because of problems with checkboxes.
    o #502348: Move advanced rendering up the chain a little bit to allow for non-standard uses of fields, such as grouping, to use advanced rendering features.
    o #619884: Grouping fields ignored indexes (as a result of #502348) and appeared to group incorrectly.
    o #411566: Fix warning when 0 given as a taxonomy tid to the validator.
    o #607952 by markus_petrux: Need check plain on "additional" queries.
    o #593910: Off by 1 error on Views row counter.

  Other changes:
    o Implement a post_render hook (for themes too) and cache method.
	o #501552 by neclimdul: Work around a core bug with DISTINCT on nodes.
	o #430068 by overall and aclight: Improvements to the global "counter" field.
	o #492002 by iterato: Allow "target" specification in field linking.
	o #466454 by neclimdul: PHP strict fixes.
	o Can now directly add a taxonomy term relationship to nodes, allowing more control by vocabulary.
	o #472194: !1 can now be used with field rewriting to get the raw argument.
	o #480162: Fields row style now contains option to hide empty fields.
	o #433318: Special handling for empty fields, allowing them to avoid rewriting and not be displayed.
    o #354457 by ausvalue: Example integrating node_example.module with Views API.
    o #479728 by enboig: Allow "Does not start with" and "Does not end with" as string operators.
    o #511468 by dereine: State which view was saved after saving a view.
    o #520632 by DamZ: Add comment hostname and mail to available comment fields.
    o #523580 by JirkaRybka: More documentation on Reduce Duplicates option.
    o #510920 by apanag: Add set_current_page() method to view class.
    o #337741 by joachim: Allow profile fields to have "link to user" option.
    o #534680 by dagmar: Visual indicator if checkbox will expand options.
    o #512650 by sdboyer: Multiple many to one arguments on the same relationship were not relationship safe.
    o #536994 by dboulet: Store result in variables for use in unformatted style.
    o #458194 by voxpelli: Add first and last row classes to table style.
    o #254895: Add form to clean up Views 1 tables.
    o If you have CTools 1.3 enabled, you can use a "Jump Menu" style for both summaries and normal Views.

Views 2.6 (Jun 10, 2009)
  Bugs fixed:
    o #419226 by kelvincool: Respect admin theme during views ajax operations.
    o #419270 by voxpelli: set_where_group() could fail if no previous groups.
    o #422054 by yhahn: Protect exports from impropertly indenting multiline strings.
    o #437070 by mikeryan: Base table formerly limited to 32 characters.
    o #317271 by quicksketch: ensure_my_table() limited to one relationship per table.
    o #441520 by jonathan1055: Allow the "time ago" date format to work on future dates as well.
    o #445398 by casey: reduce_value_options() using wrong value array.
    o #451370 by skwashd: base.js had some DOS line endings.
    o #454754 by dww: Fix PGSQL related errors with comment author filtering.
    o #384286 by dww: Make it possible to expose the filter for "Node: Has new content"
    o #463634 by alienbrain: "Empty field name" incorrectly specified.
    o #463580 by ximo: AJAX summary links broken in some displays.
    o #468336 by psynaptic: Fix broken hook_views_admin_links_alter
    o #422868 by mattman: Breadcrumbs not properly substuting % replacements.
    o #440676 by dereine and Razorraser: View import form crashed on empty view input.
    o #461842 by dereine: Use gmtime() instead of format_date() to prevent localization of dates in RSS feeds.
    o #316556 by darrenoh and JirkaRybka: More 1.x upgrade fixes.
    o #382398 by elcuco: Force LTR in the views admin.
    o #461144: Fix trimming to correctly remove tags when they are trimmed in half.
    o #330956: Theme: Information only scanned information from the default theme.
    o SA-CONTRIB-2009-037: Filter checkboxes could be displayed unfiltered allowing XSS attacks.

  Other changes:
    o #298616: Add argument for node updated time similar to node created time.
    o #325607 by bangpound: Automatically sort exports from bulk export.
    o #323049 by yched: Allow Empty/Not Empty on select many to one.
    o #340701 by swentel: Restore allowing Views to set block caching mode.
    o #347892 by dww: Allow <any> option in Boolean filters.
    o #358314 by brmassa: Catch the exposed filter form so it doesn't process twice on a single view.
    o #154865 by Zack Rosen, josh_k and KarenS: Allow user contact form as a field.
    o #411880 by fgm: Add "options callback" to items using in_operator handler.
    o #360657 by yhahn: new hook_views_default_views_alter().
    o #430068 by dereine: New global counter field for displaying row number.
    o #420340 by derine: Translate node type filter.
    o #325796 by yang_yi_cn: Translate node type argument.
    o #446726 by yhahn: Improved performance for js dependencies.
    o #437760 by leeneman: Remove duplicate terms from taxonomy term argument title.
    o #354270 by dereine: Allow "tag" to be added to the theme template suggestions.
    o #408180 by joachim: Allow taxonomy term parent argument.
    o #469456 by dereine: Automatically give .info file during views bulk export.
    o #424460 by thePanz: Customizable breadcrumb title for arguments.
    o #436398 by Pasqualle: Support for aggregator category table.
    o #424648 by quicksketch and dereine: Allow format selection on filesize field.
    o #478312 by yhahn: Provide specific node access filter.
    o #479878 by dereine: User language field.
    o #468824 by eaton: Pluggable caching mechanism which can cache both the query result and rendered result.
    o #399534 by clemens.tolboom and drewish: Add fragment and query string as options when making fields into links.
    o #315915 by dixon_: Add another base row class to rows.
    o #353403 by agentrickard: Field to provide "more" text.
    o #377896 by dereine: When ticked "link to node" show node title as a href title attribute.
    o #386098 by dereine: Add "watchdog" as a debug logging options.
    o #409428 by gpk: Missing field: node input format.
    o #271833 by grugnog, agentrickard and others: Taxonomy depth in filter.

Views 2.5 (Apr 11, 2009)
  Bugs fixed:
    o #363817 by thePanz: Empty fields in table could still trigger separators.
    o #388952 by nikita@protsenko.com: Ensure taxonomy term validator sets the validated title when available.
    o #392176: Trim on word boundary would stop at newlines.
    o #415706 by dww: Fix broken relationship in search that caused SQL error.
    o #428742 by fralenuvol: Fix broken relationship causing sql error with multiple taxonomy term arguments.
    o #428102 with help from deviantintegral: Broken option_definition() causes warnings.

  Other changes:
    o #379382 by neochief: Add option to strip tags during advanced rendering.
    o #400914 by joachim: Add a link field to get to comments for a node that works just like the normal links.
    o #402650 by drewish: Bulk export views alphabetically by view name.
    o #349157 by yched: Support CCK build modes in node style.

Views 2.4 (Apr 7, 2009)
  Bugs fixed:
    o #371466 by dereine: Fix incorrect link to comments.
    o #371923 by noahb: Summaries could be distinct even when they should not be.
    o #368764: Fix User ID validator to actually have proper dependencies.
    o #375342 by dww: node_comment_statistics should be INNER joined because there is always 1:1 reference.
    o #372959: Archive view should not use AJAX by default.
    o #373155: Not clearing "many to one" data breaks some attachment displays.
    o #375000 by elcuco: View name should always be LTR.
    o #378534 by dww: Validators do not fire if argument === 0 due to PHP loose type conversions.
    o #378164 by yched: Unexposed taxonomy filter could accidentally stop working.
    o #371923 by David_Rothstein: Another DISTINCT fix related to summaries.
    o #365831 by tomiyana: Fix typos in help.
    o #357368 by Pasquale: schema descriptions should not be translated.
    o #379602 by dww: Add a second "time ago" variant to dates to allow NOT printing the word "ago".
    o #379354 by neochief: Add an extra regex to remove mangled HTML entities in output rewriting.
    o #362830: Search was mostly broken, especially score but also searching on multiple terms.
    o #350376 by pfournier: Missing "return" statement caused certain argument date validation to fail.
    o #364082 by hass: Unique key missing on views_view table.
    o #366250 by sirkitree: Fix deprecated jquery selectors so we can work with jquery 1.2.6 as well as 1.3.2.
    o #386986: 2 or more relationships could block a normal table from being added.
    o #371219 by aclight: Incorrect logic in views_many_to_one_helper::ensure_my_table() 
    o #376570 by yhahn: Better AJAX scrolling.
    o #412576 by yhahn: Restore missing views_handler_filter_float class.
    o #378710: Add strip_tags() to path when displaying a field as a link as a path can never have HTML in it.
    o #380560: UI could suddenly cause errors with get_handlers() in certain situations with relationships.
    o #342215: Occasional "holes" could appear in taxonomy term field causing query errors when relationship is used but not present.
    o #414074 by dereine: Prevent fields becoming not editable by having just spaces in them in the Views UI.
    o #378724: Displaying uploaded files as a link accidentally made the entire field a link rather than each one.
    o #415672 by yhahn: Views inadvertently rounds negative numbers down instead of up when truncating.
    o #408414 by rb7: Prevent empty links with the "has new comments" field.
    o #406680 by B√ľke Beyond: Missing clear-block caused problems in IE for Views UI.
    o #373771 by dropcube: Fix missing aggregator feed trying to use non-existing handlers.
    o #341960 by sun: Clean up dependent.js javascript declarations which potentially caused .js errors.
    o #372227: On Debian etch, tables would lose fields due to PHP bug.

  Other changes:
    o #375182 by vaish: Allow a reset parameter to views_get_all_views().
    o #356276 by nedjo: Locale support.
    o #316556 by Darren Oh: Better Views 1.x upgrades.
    o #383242 by dww: Allow - Any - instead of <Any> as an option in the Views tools menu.
    o #303800 by KarenS: Additional dashes to spaces option in taxonomy argument validator.
    o #327366 by yched: Allow row styles to follow relationships too.
    o #405130 by dereine: Make the output field rewrite a textfield rather than textarea.

Views 2.3 (Feb 6, 2009)
  Bugs fixed:
    o #349739: Fix arguments not getting transmitted to attachment displays properly.
    o #354707: Display attachment happened too early preventing default arguments from passing to the attachment.
    o #277321 by nedjo: Use AJAX properly supports summaries in attachments.
    o #291292 by sammys (reroll by jaydub): Proper use of DISTINCT on summary views on pgsql.
    o #291079 by sammys (reroll by jaydub): Fix use of GROUP BY on pgsql.
    o #295246 by webchick: Wrong table type on views object cache caused truncation of cached data and mysterious errors on large views.
    o #315007 by Garrett Albright, Paul Kishimoto and catch: Take into account page count when using comment new link.
    o #317562 by ingaro: Wrong date format for PGSQL.
    o #327604 by mr.baileys: Fix improper use of multibyte library when mb library unavailable.
    o #335926 by sapark and drewish: "January, 2009" should be "January 2009".
    o #341263 by cdale: Prevent exposed filter forms from processing during batch operations.
    o #342322 by drewish: Correct label for translation status.
    o #343223 by alienbrain: Ensure path before join.
    o #343284 by andypost: Fix odd/even reversed in table style compared to Drupal core.
    o #345545 by mfb: Correct occasional Drupal.settings related javascript error.
    o #345546: Fix Node: Created day argument off by 1 error.
    o #345707 by aries: Do not display breadcrumb link if no link text.
    o #355939 by yhager: Fix missing comment GUID in comment RSS style.
    o #321332 with help from brahms: views_handler_field_markup only worked if format was named "format".
    o #348322 by Darren Oh: Fix missing /code in api plugins help.
    o #353090 by eaton: RSS feeds were not using all of the Drupal hooks to ensure full compatibility with core feeds.
    o #293832 by drewish: Allow menu items to have administrative description.
    o #345528: Mini-pager generated invalid HTML with empty li tags.
    o #351745: Exposed taxonomy term autocomplete filter failed if term existed in multiple vocabularies.
    o #353002: tracker view had wrong argument and was not picking up comments by the selected user.
    o Case sensitivity on string filter checkmark was backward.
    o #355919: views_theme() needed to include plugin theme files to detect functions.
    o #353515: Many characters could get incorrectly translated in exposed filters combined with ajax tablesorting.
    o #359818: Delete button should say Revert when reverting a view to default.
    o #359132 by grugnog: CSS files should be marked conditional so they don't impact the CSS cache.
    o #360637: Extra slash in theme includes could cause some systems to fail.
    o #363081: Disabled views could still provide blocks.
    o #366666 by Deadmonk also yched: File size field should not try to print a size on NULL values.
    o #367203: Improper caching of default views caused incomplete handlers that could WSOD.
    o #365283: views_handler_filter_ncs_last_updated improperly registered causing fatal errors trying to use it.
    o #365712: select list exposed filters were trying to limit to list when selecting "All" even when "limit" was not selected.
    o #357196 by Grugnog: hook_views_pre_view not getting $display_id sent properly.

  Other changes:
    o #288801 by drewish and eaton: Aggregator item support! Make views of feeds!
    o #335647 by markus_petrux: Add memory and a reset button to the Views list page.
    o #343047 by alienbrain: Allow all handlers to participate in view validation.
    o #339223 by greggles: Allow taxonomy term tid to be sortable.
    o #324378 by eigentor: CSS improvements to the view list page.
    o #354736 by Shai: Clarification on exposed filter text.
    o #364637 by moshe and dww: Allow preprocessors to add row classes to table style.
    o #349178 by agentrickard: Add generic link handling plus a custom text field. Also automatic trimming.
    o #368234 by dww and neclimdul: Allow the "Anonymous" user to have a different (or no) name in User: name field.
    o #368754 by dww: User ID validator, with role testing.
    o #369505 by dww: Add helper function to get the value of a view argument.
    o #353002 by neclimdul: Provide a filter for user posted or commented on to complement the argument with the same functionality.

  2.3 API Notes:
    A minor change in the API now requires that styles that render fields MUST 
    render them in order, first by row and then by field ID. Not doing so will
    cause the token expansion to fail.

Views 2.2 (Dec 16, 2008)
  Bugs fixed:
   o #305756: Number formatting caused illogical rounding.
   o #324272 by neochief: hook_pre_render never called.
   o #324058: Broken queries created by string values in multiple fields.
   o #324726: "tag" fields should be autocomplete in View edit.
   o #324058 by yched: Make aliases safer for many to one tables.
   o #325765: Prevent key merge errors on query::add_where and query::add_having.
   o #324378: Minor usability improvements to the list page.
   o #326934: Need another check to make sure already added aliases do not get blown away.
   o #324513: If a relationship table was added more than 1 hop away from the base, SQL errors resulted.
   o #326129 by mindgame: Not between operator did not function.
   o #326198: != mistakenly typod as = (display only)
   o #326379: Provide a default title for the archive view.
   o #327151: Add filter for node_counter.timestamp.
   o #327113: Clean up error text when display will not validate.
   o #307287: (Panels related) view::preview() would override previously set arguments if no arguments were sent.
   o #321589: Comment template preprocessor misnamed so it would not fire.
   o #329746: Comment rendering in the node row style was not working.
   o #321109: view::destroy() needs to unset current_display or future init_displays won't work.
   o #325115: If the block description is not set, show the display title as well as the view name in block administration.
   o #327604 by henrrrik: should use multibyte string functions.
   o #328933 by cmyers: views_handler_filter_date fails to use exposed operator.
   o #332568 by Moonshine: Correct views performance timers.
   o #332679 by yched: render_link() does not check for empty data.
   o #333593: Incorrect reference to non-existent views_handler_join in help/api-tables.html.
   o #334337 by miro_dietiker: Documentation clarification for arguments, blocks and PHP Code plugins.
   o #336456 by dww: Date filter had trouble with NULL operators.
   o #336125 by nedjo: Missing filter for node translation.
   o #337360: Menu selection causes crash if menu module not active.
   o #339295 by katbailey: AJAX paging could fail with the same view in multiple tabs.
   o #339676 by nedjo: Source translation had wrong filter handler.
   o #340002 by hass: Allow the "Add display" button to wrap for translations whose phrase is longer.
   o #340033 by pancho: Clearer wording on some field help texts.
   o #340515: views_perm() was incorrectly views_ui_perm().
   o #330897: Invalid displays causing 'path' lookup to crash.
   o #339674 by nedjo: Translation code cleanup.
   o #341897: views_perm() mistakenly declared in views_ui.module.

 Other changes:
   o Reorganize the analysis code into analyze.inc to make it easier for people to find the code and use it externally.
   o #298884 by neclimdul: Requested missing filter to filter for whether a user has a picture or not.
   o #336531 by dww: Set boolean filter to not use a checkbox which is lesser UI.
   o #338632 by drewish: Remove use of format_rss_channel and use proper templating instead.
   o #326034 by yched: Allow short names in admin summaries via new "title short" definition.
   o #335613 by swentel: Add hook_views_api() setting to bulk export.
   o #339707 by nedjo: Add filter to show child translations.
   o #284768 by drewish: Proper templates for RSS feeds rather than format_rss_item().

Views 2.1 (Oct 20, 2008)
 Bugs fixed:
   o #322862: 1.0037 debug code left in.
   o #322908: README.txt update.
   o #323014 by yched: Typo in exposed filter text.
   o #323033: Using empty/is not empty in string/numeric filters caused notices.
   o #322874 by yched: Errors in summary for some filters.
   o #323282: Taxonomy term default choice handled incorrectly.
   o #323318: Exposed taxonomy term failed if not set force single.

Views 2.0 (Oct 17, 2008)
 o First 2.0 official release

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