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Drupal example source code file (drupal.sh)

This example Drupal source code file (drupal.sh) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The drupal.sh Drupal example source code

#!/usr/bin/env php
// $Id: drupal.sh,v 1.9 2009/09/19 10:38:47 dries Exp $

 * Drupal shell execution script
 * Check for your PHP interpreter - on Windows you'll probably have to
 * replace line 1 with
 *   #!c:/program files/php/php.exe
 * @param path  Drupal's absolute root directory in local file system (optional).
 * @param URI   A URI to execute, including HTTP protocol prefix.
$script = basename(array_shift($_SERVER['argv']));

if (in_array('--help', $_SERVER['argv']) || empty($_SERVER['argv'])) {
  echo <<<EOF

Execute a Drupal page from the shell.

Usage:        {$script} [OPTIONS] "<URI>"
Example:      {$script} "http://mysite.org/node"

All arguments are long options.

  --help      This page.

  --root      Set the working directory for the script to the specified path.
              To execute Drupal this has to be the root directory of your
              Drupal installation, f.e. /home/www/foo/drupal (assuming Drupal
              running on Unix). Current directory is not required.
              Use surrounding quotation marks on Windows.

  --verbose   This option displays the options as they are set, but will
              produce errors from setting the session.

  URI         The URI to execute, i.e. http://default/foo/bar for executing
              the path '/foo/bar' in your site 'default'. URI has to be
              enclosed by quotation marks if there are ampersands in it
              (f.e. index.php?q=node&foo=bar). Prefix 'http://' is required,
              and the domain must exist in Drupal's sites-directory.

              If the given path and file exists it will be executed directly,
              i.e. if URI is set to http://default/bar/foo.php
              and bar/foo.php exists, this script will be executed without
              bootstrapping Drupal. To execute Drupal's cron.php, specify
              http://default/cron.php as the URI.

To run this script without --root argument invoke it from the root directory
of your Drupal installation with


// define default settings
$cmd = 'index.php';
$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']       = 'default';
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']        = '/index.php';
$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']     = '';
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']        = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = '/';
$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] = 'console';

// toggle verbose mode
if (in_array('--verbose', $_SERVER['argv'])) {
  $_verbose_mode = true;
else {
  $_verbose_mode = false;

// parse invocation arguments
while ($param = array_shift($_SERVER['argv'])) {
  switch ($param) {
    case '--root':
      // change working directory
      $path = array_shift($_SERVER['argv']);
      if (is_dir($path)) {
        if ($_verbose_mode) {
          echo "cwd changed to: {$path}\n";
      else {
        echo "\nERROR: {$path} not found.\n\n";

      if (substr($param, 0, 2) == '--') {
        // ignore unknown options
      else {
        // parse the URI
        $path = parse_url($param);

        // set site name
        if (isset($path['host'])) {
          $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] = $path['host'];

        // set query string
        if (isset($path['query'])) {
          $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] = $path['query'];
          parse_str($path['query'], $_GET);
          $_REQUEST = $_GET;

        // set file to execute or Drupal path (clean urls enabled)
        if (isset($path['path']) && file_exists(substr($path['path'], 1))) {
          $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = $path['path'];
          $cmd = substr($path['path'], 1);
        elseif (isset($path['path'])) {
          if (!isset($_GET['q'])) {
            $_REQUEST['q'] = $_GET['q'] = $path['path'];

        // display setup in verbose mode
        if ($_verbose_mode) {
          echo "Hostname set to: {$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}\n";
          echo "Script name set to: {$cmd}\n";
          echo "Path set to: {$_GET['q']}\n";

if (file_exists($cmd)) {
  include $cmd;
else {
  echo "\nERROR: {$cmd} not found.\n\n";

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