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Drupal example source code file (CHANGELOG.txt)

This example Drupal source code file (CHANGELOG.txt) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

PHP - Drupal tags/keywords

05-jan-2011, and, array, can, ctools, detach, exportables, for, if, more, properly, see, variant, version

The CHANGELOG.txt Drupal example source code

Current API VERSION: 2.0. See API.txt for more information.

ctools 7.x-1.x-dev
#1008120: "New custom content" shows empty form if custom content panes module is not enabled.
#999302 by troky: Fix jump menu. Apparently this wasn't actually committed the last time it was committed.
#1065976 by tekante and David_Rothstein: Reset plugin static cache during module enable to prevent stale data from harming export ui.
#1016510 by EclipseGC: Make the taxonomy system page functional.

ctools 7.x-1.x-alpha2 (05-Jan-2011)

#911396 by alex_b: Prevent notices in export UI.
#919768 by mikey_p: Allow url options to be sent to ctools_ajax_command_url().
#358953 by cedarm: Allow term context to return lowercase, spaces to dashes versions of terms.
#931434 by EclipseGc: Argument plugin for node revision ID.
#910656: CTools AJAX sample wizard demo "domesticated" checkbox value not stored.
#922442 by EugenMayer, neclimdul and voxpelli: Make sure ctools_include can handle '' or NULL directory.
#919956 by traviss359: Correct example in wizard advanced help.
#942968: Fix taxonomy term access rule with tag term vocabs.
#840344: node add argument had crufty code causing notices.
#944462 by longhairedgit: Invalid character in regex causes rare notice.
#938778 by dereine: Fix profile content type for D7 updates.
Add detach event to modal close so that wysiwyg can detach the editor.
Variant titles showing up as blank if more than one variant on a page.
#940016: token support was not yet updated for D7.
#940446: Skip validation on back and cancel buttons in all wizards.
#954492: Redirect not always working in wizard.inc
#955348: Lack of redirect on "Update" button in Page Manager causing data loss sometimes.
#941778: Update and save button should not appear in the "Add variant" path.
#955070 by EclipseGc: Update ctools internal page tokens to work properly on content all content.
#956890 by EclipseGc: Update views_content to not use views dependency since that is gone.
#954728 by EclipseGc: Update node template page function name to not collide with new hook_node_view().
#946534 by EclipseGc: Add support for field content on all entitities.
#952586 by EclipseGc: Fix node_author content type.
#959206: If a context is not set when rendering content, attempt to guess the context (fixes Views panes where "From context" was added but pane was never edited.)
#961654 by benshell: drupal_alter() only supports 4 arguments.
#911362 by alex_b: Facilitate plugin cache resets for tests.
#945360 by naxoc: node_tag_new() not updated to D7.
#953804 by EclipseGc: Fix node comment rendering.
#953542 by EclipseGc: Fix node rendering.
#953776 by EclipseGc: Fix node link rendering.
#954772 by EclipseGc: Fix node build mode selection in node content type.
#954762 by EclipseGc: Fix comment forbidden theme call.
#954894 by EclipseGc: Fix breadcrumb content type.
#955180 by EclipseGc: Fix page primary navigation type.
#957190 by EclipseGc: Fix page secondary navigation type.
#957194 by EclipseGc: Remove mission content type, since D7 no longer has a site mission.
#957348 by EclipseGc: Fix search form URL path.
#952586 by andypost: Use format_username for displaying unlinked usernames.
#963800 by benshell: Fix query to fetch custom block title.
#983496 by Amitaibu: Fix term argument to use proper load function.
#989484 by Amitaibu: Fix notice in views plugin.
#982496: Fix token context.
#995026: Fix export UI during enable/disable which would throw notices and not properly set/unset menu items.
#998870 by Amitaibu: Fix notice when content has no icon by using function already designed for that.
#983576 by Amitaibu: Node view fallback task showed white screen.
#1004644 by pillarsdotnet: Update a missed theme() call to D7.
#1006162 by aspilicious: .info file cleanup.
#998312 by dereine: Support the expanded/hidden options that Views did for dependent.js
#955030: Remove no longer supported footer message content type.
Fix broken query in term context config.
#992022 by pcambra: Fix node autocomplete.
#946302 by BerdArt and arywyr: Fix PHP 5.3 reference error.
#980528 by das-peter: Notice fix with entity settings.
#999302 by troky: ctools_jump_menu() needed updating to new form parameters.
#964174: stylizer plugin theme delegation was in the wrong place, causing errors.
#991658 by burlap: Fully load the "user" context for the logged in user because not all fields are in $user.
#1014866 by das-peter: Smarter title panes, notice fix on access plugin descriptions.
#1015662 by troky: plugin .info files were not using correct filepaths.
#941780 by EclipseGc: Restore the "No blocks" functionality.
#951048 by EclipseGc: Tighter entity integration so that new entities are automatic contexts and relationships.
#941800 by me and aspilicious: Use Drupal 7 #machine_name automation on page manager pages and all export_ui defaults.
Disabled exportables and pages not properly greyed out.
#969208 by me and benshell: Get user_view and user profile working.
#941796: Recategorize blocks

ctools 7.x-1.x-alpha1

Changelog reset for 7.x
Basic conversion done during sprint.

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