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Drupal example source code file (pane_plain_box.inc)

This example Drupal source code file (pane_plain_box.inc) is included in the DevDaily.com "Drupal Source Code Warehouse" project. The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Drupal by Example".

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The pane_plain_box.inc Drupal example source code


 * @file
 * Definition of the style base for the rounded shadow box.
 * This box is colorable, has rounded corners and a drop shadow.

$plugin = array(
  'category' => t('Basic styles'),
  'title' => t('Plain'),
  'description' => t('A plain box with an optional border. You may set the color of the text and the border.'),
  'module' => 'panels',
  'type' => 'pane',

  'css' => 'pane-plain-box.css',
  'icon' => 'icon.png',

  'defaults' => array('font' => array(), 'header_font' => array(), 'border' => array(), 'header_border' => array(), 'padding' => array()),
  'palette' => array(
    'background' => array(
      'label' => t('Background'),
      'default_value' => '#FFFFFF',
    'text' => array(
      'label' => t('Text'),
      'default_value' => '#000000',
    'border' => array(
      'label' => t('Border'),
      'default_value' => '#000000',
    'header-background' => array(
      'label' => t('Header background'),
      'default_value' => '#FFFFFF',
    'header-text' => array(
      'label' => t('Header text'),
      'default_value' => '#000000',
    'header-border' => array(
      'label' => t('Header border'),
      'default_value' => '#000000',

  // This just uses theme_panels_pane because all we need is the class.
//  'theme' => 'pane_plain_box',
//  'preview' => 'panels_stylizer_pane_preview',

  'settings form' => 'panels_pane_plain_box_style_settings',
  'settings form submit' => 'panels_pane_plain_box_style_settings_submit',
  'build' => 'panels_pane_plain_box_style_base_build',

function panels_pane_plain_box_style_settings(&$form, &$form_state) {
  $form['font'] = array();
  ctools_stylizer_font_selector_form($form['font'], $form_state, t('Font'), $form_state['settings']['font']);

  $form['border'] = array();
  ctools_stylizer_border_selector_form($form['border'], $form_state, t('Border'), $form_state['settings']['border']);

  $form['padding'] = array();
  ctools_stylizer_padding_selector_form($form['padding'], $form_state, t('Padding'), $form_state['settings']['padding']);

  $form['header_font'] = array();
  ctools_stylizer_font_selector_form($form['header_font'], $form_state, t('Header font'), $form_state['settings']['header_font']);

  $form['header_border'] = array();
  ctools_stylizer_border_selector_form($form['header_border'], $form_state, t('Header border'), $form_state['settings']['header_border']);


function panels_pane_plain_box_style_settings_submit(&$form, &$form_state) {
  ctools_stylizer_font_selector_form_submit($form['font'], $form_state, $form_state['values']['font'], $form_state['settings']['font']);
  ctools_stylizer_font_selector_form_submit($form['header_font'], $form_state, $form_state['values']['header_font'], $form_state['settings']['header_font']);

  ctools_stylizer_border_selector_form_submit($form['header_border'], $form_state, $form_state['values']['header_border'], $form_state['settings']['header_border']);
  ctools_stylizer_border_selector_form_submit($form['border'], $form_state, $form_state['values']['border'], $form_state['settings']['border']);

  ctools_stylizer_padding_selector_form_submit($form['padding'], $form_state, $form_state['values']['padding'], $form_state['settings']['padding']);

function panels_pane_plain_box_style_base_build($plugin, $settings, &$css, $replacements) {
  ctools_stylizer_font_apply_style($css, '%style', $settings['font']);
  ctools_stylizer_border_apply_style($css, '%style', $settings['border'], '%border');

  ctools_stylizer_font_apply_style($css, '%style .pane-title', $settings['header_font']);
  ctools_stylizer_border_apply_style($css, '%style .pane-title', $settings['header_border'], '%header-border', 'bottom');

  ctools_stylizer_padding_apply_style($css, '%style .pane-title, %style .pane-content', $settings['padding']);

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