How to configure the Drupal “Similar By Terms” module

I just got the Drupal Similar By Terms module working with Drupal 8, and I want to share my notes here so (a) I can remember how this works, and (b) in case it helps anyone else.

Configuring a View for the “Similar By Terms” module

My configuration Cliffnotes are:

  • Install the Similar By Terms module and enable it
  • Create a new Block View (via admin/structure/views on Drupal 8)
  • Create a Contextual Filter
  • Select the "Similar By Terms" NID
    • It’s very important to use this value
    • This is shown as “Nid, Similar by terms” at the bottom of the “Add contextual filters” list when you click “Add contextual filter”
    • On the “Configure contextual filter: Similar by terms: Nid” config screen:
      • When the filter is not available -> Provide Default Value -> Content ID from URL
      • Limit similarity to terms within these vocabularies to Tags. (Optionally use Category.)
  • Save this Contextual Filter
  • Under “OTHER”
    • Use aggregation: Yes
  • Sort Criteria (left side of View UI)
    • COUNT(Content: ID), descending
  • Filter Criteria (left side of View UI)
    • Aggregation type: Group results together (important)
    • Content: Publishing status = Yes
  • Save the View

Testing the view with Preview

You can test the view by putting a Node ID in the “Preview with contextual filters” textfield. All of this is shown in the following image:

Configuring the Drupal Similar By Terms module

As you can see at the bottom of that image, similar nodes are shown for me in the preview area.

Last step: Create and place a block

The last step in this process is to create a block, and place it on the pages you want it on, in the theme region you want it in.

If you don’t know how to do that, I write about it briefly in my Drupal 8 “Block” views do not show up on Blocks page article.


In summary, if you’re trying to configure the Drupal “Similar By Terms” module, I hope this is helpful.