Manual PHP and Drupal 6 web access logging

There was a little funky activity on a client's Drupal 6 website that was hosted at GoDaddy, and without having access to an Apache access log file, I wanted to be able to see what was going on. So I wrote the following PHP code snippet to do some manual logging, and placed it in the Drupal theme's page.tpl.php file:


$today = getdate();
$day = $today['weekday'];
$month = $today['month'];
$hour = $today['hours'];
$minute = $today['minutes'];

# drupal
$curr_uri = check_plain(request_uri());

# use this for a plain php page (non-drupal)
# $curr_uri = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

$format = "%s %s, %s:%s, %s, %s\n";
$text = sprintf($format, $month, $day, $hour, $minute, $ip, $curr_uri);

$filename = '/var/chroot/home/content/xx/uid/tmp/access_log';
$fp = fopen($filename, 'a');
fwrite($fp, $text);


Most of the code is plain PHP code, except for the check_plain(request_uri()), which is Drupal-specific.

If you ever need to do some manual access logging like this on a Drupal website, I hope this PHP code snippet is helpful.