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Help, my Drupal 8 database is huge

Earlier today I ran into a problem making a Drupal 8 database backup. I ran the usual mysqldump backup command, and when it kept running for a long time I decided to kill it, and then began investigating the problem. I knew that I had recently deleted all of the log records, and the Drupal cron task was running correctly, so something else was going on. In short, I found that my Drupal 8 database was huge.

New version of this website

If you’re reading this, that means the DNS change for alvinalexander.com has propagated to your location. I just moved this website to a new server and the latest version of Drupal on June 18, 2016. If anything is wrong with it, well, that’s gonna be my fault. I’ll fix broken things as fast as I can. :)

Drupal - Jump for joy, or off the balcony

Drupal alternatively makes me want to either jump for joy or jump off the balcony. Today was a balcony day.

Today’s issue is related to the handling of “tags” in Drupal 8, specifically the issue where you can’t add a new tag when editing a blog post, you can only reference existing tags. I have a degree in aerospace engineering, founded and sold a programming business, and can write software in many different languages, but a few things like this in Drupal make me feel like I need more of an education.

Drupal “Rewrite the output of this field” replacement patterns

As a quick note, if you’re looking at a Drupal form and it says you can use the "Rewrite the output of this field" replacement patterns shown (somewhere) on this page — and you can’t find those replacement patterns on that page — you can find a complete list of them at this drupal.org url.

As an example, if you’re working with a Drupal Node, you can use replacement patterns like these:


A Drupal 8 XML Sitemap generating PHP script

I’m not going to comment on the following code too much or provide support for it, but (a) if you need to create an XML Sitemap for a Drupal 8 website, and (b) you don’t like the Drupal 8 sitemap modules that are available, then (c) this PHP script can serve as a starting point for you.