An example of a Flutter RadioListTile in a ListView

Here’s a little example of a Flutter time preferences widget, something I’ll be using in the new version of my Just Be app. Probably most important thing about this source code is that it shows an example of how to use the Flutter RadioListTile:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

class TimeValue {
    final int _key;
    final String _value;
    TimeValue(this._key, this._value);

class TimePreferencesWidget extends StatefulWidget {
    TimePreferencesWidgetState createState() => TimePreferencesWidgetState();

class TimePreferencesWidgetState extends State<TimePreferencesWidget> {
    int _currentTimeValue = 1;

    final _buttonOptions = [
        TimeValue(30,  "30 minutes"),
        TimeValue(60,  "1 hour"),
        TimeValue(120, "2 hours"),
        TimeValue(240, "4 hours"),
        TimeValue(480, "8 hours"),
        TimeValue(720, "12 hours"),

    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return Scaffold(
            appBar: AppBar(
                title: Text("Time Preferences"),
            body: ListView(
                padding: EdgeInsets.all(8.0),
                children: => RadioListTile<int>(
                    groupValue: _currentTimeValue,
                    title: Text(timeValue._value),
                    value: timeValue._key,
                    onChanged: (val) {
                        setState(() {
                            debugPrint('VAL = $val');
                            _currentTimeValue = val;

I initially wanted to create _buttonOptions as a Map, but I ended up creating the TimeValue class to get what I wanted. (I’m still new to Dart, and I couldn’t find a good way to convert from a Map to a List, which is required for the children parameter, so I went with the approach shown.)

Here’s an image of what this code creates:

An example of a Flutter RadioListTile in a ListView

In summary, if you wanted to see an example of a Flutter RadioListTile inside a ListView, I hope this example is helpful.