Updates for “Functional Programming, Simplified”

This page contains updates for my book, Functional Programming, Simplified. As I find good, new resources, and as I create new projects to demonstrate functional programming techniques, I’ll share those here.

Bug reports

If you find any bugs, typos, or other mistakes in Functional Programming, Simplified, you can file a bug report under the Issues tab at this Github project:

Over time I may put other open source Scala/FP projects in that repo, but for now I’m using it as a place to report bugs.

A new version of Cats is available

Chapters that didn’t make it into the printed book

As I’ve noted in several places, several of the chapters from the eBook versions of Functional Programming, Simplified didn’t make it into the print version of the book because of size restrictions. Therefore, I’ve made those lessons available online at the following URLs:

Other FP resources

This is a list of FP-related learning resources I’ve found since writing the book:

Example Scala apps

The book

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s a link to the book: