2010 holiday iPod and iPhone gifts - skins

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Holiday iPhone and iPod gifts - Apple iPhone/iPod skins! Looking for great 2010 holiday gifts for under $20? Take a look at the great collection of iPod and iPhone skins from websites like DecalGirl, Skinit, and others. Their artwork is outstanding, and almost all of their prices are under $20, typically around $15.

Here's a quick look at some of the great artwork from these iPhone skins websites.

2010 holiday iPod and iPhone gifts - Skins from DecalGirl

As a 2010 holiday iPhone gift idea, the iPod/iPhone skins artwork on the DecalGirl website really blows me away. Just looking through their iPod/iPhone skins selection, they currently have 435 iPhone skins, and I assure you, you can spend a lot of time looking at all of them. (I say that because they are really terrific.)

Here are a just a few iPhone skin images from the DecalGirl website:

Skins for iPhone - DecalGirl cow

Skins for iPhone - DecalGirl music

(Images courtesy of DecalGirl.)

2010 holiday iPod/iPhone skins from GelaSkins

Like the DecalGirl site, the the GelaSkins website also features a


large collection of great artwork for their iPhone skins collection. I keep trying to think of something important to add here, but all I can suggest is that if you're interested in iPod/iPhone skins, just visit their website and browse through their designs and artwork collection. Between all these sites, there's bound to be an iPod/iPhone skin that you'll really like.

Here are a couple of selected iPhone skin images from the GelaSkins site:

Skins for iPhone - GelaSkins Crows

Skins for iPhone - GelaSkins Dog

(Images courtesy of GelaSkins.)

Holiday iPod/iPhone gifts - skins from Infectious

This was the first time I've seen the Infectious website, but once again, here's another great collection of iPhone/iPod skins artwork. The Infectious website currently has 163 iPhone skins. Once again, not much to add here, other than a couple of iPod and iPhone skins images from the Infectious website:

Skins for iPhone - Infectious (G Carter)

Skins for iPhone - Infectious (J Rogers)

(Images courtesy of Infectious.)

2010 holiday iPhone gift ideas - iPhone skins from Skinit

Last but not least, the Skinit website also has a nice collection of iPhone and iPod skins. They also take a slightly different approach to the iPhone skin market, organizing their iPhone and iPod skins in a variety of categories, including the ones shown here:

  • Sports
  • Colleges
  • Entertainment
  • Disney
  • Fashion
  • Urban
  • Military
  • Religious
  • Much more ...


If you're looking for a nice iPhone gift idea, a custom iPhone/iPod from Skinit can make a really terrific holiday 2010 gift idea.

Holiday 2010 iPhone and iPod skin gift ideas

I hope this collection of iPod and iPhone skins is helpful in your search for a great iPod/iPhone holiday 2010 gift idea. As you can see, the off the shelf skin artwork is really wonderful, and the Skinit approach of offering custom skins is also a wonderful holiday 2010 iPod/iPhone gift idea.