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Geek gift idea - Micro Mosquito Indoor RC Helicopter

RC toys geek gift ideas: Wow, my favorite geek gift idea is the Micro Mosquito 3.0 Indoor R/C helicopter. Here's a quick description of it from the Edmund Scientific's online web site:

The Micro Mosquito Indoor RC Helicopter profile fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight, and highly maneuverable. Master movement up, down, left, right, forward, and reverse.

iOS version - How to determine your current iPhone OS version

iPhone version FAQ: How can I tell what version of the iPhone OS my iPhone is currently running?

Answer: You can see your iPhone OS version on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > About, and then Version will be one of the fields on that screen. When you get there, here's what this About screen looks like:

iPhone screenshot - How to create an iPhone screenshot (screen capture)

iPad/iPhone FAQ: How do I create an iPad or iPhone screenshot (screen capture)?

iPad/iPhone screenshot - short answer

Yesterday I sent an iPhone screenshot (screen capture) to a friend of mine, and he remarked on how cool it is that you can create a screenshot on an iPhone, and asked how I did it.

It's pretty easy to an iPhone or iPad screenshot. All you have to do is:

Review of the Acer X191W monitor

I recently purchased an Acer X191W monitor, a flat-screen 19 inch monitor. While I have no complaints about the screen itself -- it's a very good picture -- the design of the stand is horrible. There is absolutely no flexibility at all in positioning the angle of the monitor. To get around this problem I currently have it resting on top of two books, with a deck of cards under the front portion of the monitor stand so it will tilt back to an angle that works well for me. I've never had a monitor that was this inflexible.