Geek gift idea - Micro Mosquito Indoor RC Helicopter

RC toys geek gift ideas: Wow, my favorite geek gift idea is the Micro Mosquito 3.0 Indoor R/C helicopter. Here's a quick description of it from the Edmund Scientific's online web site:

The Micro Mosquito Indoor RC Helicopter profile fits in the palm of your hand, is lightweight, and highly maneuverable. Master movement up, down, left, right, forward, and reverse.

The inner-workings of the micro helicopter are visible through its body for a truly interactive experience. It comes ready to fly and includes everything needed to be flying within minutes: R/C transmitter, flight battery, charger, instructions.

It looks like the regular price for the Micro Mosquito indoor helicopter is $79.95, but as of this writing, Edmund's has it priced at $39.00. (I don't know if they crash a lot or get damaged easily, but they also list the price of a replacement helicopter rotor at $11.95.)

The website says this Micro Mosquito Indoor Helicopter is for kids 12 years old and up, but I'm hear to tell you, a kid of 46 really likes this geek gift idea. :)

RC toys as geek gifts

As a quick follow-up note, the geek in your family will probably appreciate many different RC toys. Over the years people have given me indoor and outdoor RC cars, airplanes, and helicopters, and they were all fun.

Other geek gift ideas

To help you find a great geek gift, here's a link to more geek gift ideas on this website. If an RC helicopter, plane, or car doesn't sound quite right, hopefully one of the other geek gift ideas I've written about will be helpful.