Geek gifts for Valentine's Day 2010

Geek Valentine's Day gifts 2010: I was going to write a special "Geek gifts for Valentine's Day" article here today, but as I looked around for new gift ideas, I realized that it's so close to the other holidays that not much has changed since then.

So, for anyone looking to buy a "geek gift" for your significant other for Valentine's Day, here is a collection of links to geek gift articles I created just about 45 days ago, sorted by price to help fit your budget:

The one really new item on this list is the Apple iPad ($499 and up). However, you can't even pre-order those yet, so if you want to get your favorite geek an iPad, you'll have to write them an iOU. :)

I hope one of those articles (and all that research!) will help you find a great geek gift idea this Valentine's Day.