A short HTC Evo review

A friend of mine that is currently in Alaska just got an HTC Evo (HTC Evo 4G) and while it's a decent smartphone, it seems to have a few flaws.

My HTC Evo review

Based on her comments, and my experience working with it yesterday, here are the things I didn't like about the HTC Evo:

  1. The off the shelf HTC Evo battery life is brutal. Maybe you can use these HTC Evo power consumption tips to improve your battery life, but from what she has said, and from what I saw yesterday, the HTC Evo battery life is very, very short.
  2. Trying to see the HTC Evo screen outside, even on an overcast day, was very hard. It looks like there's some sort of opaque film on the screen that made it hard to see photos, and the screen in general. I can't imagine what it would be like on a sunny day.
  3. I thought the HTC Evo form factor was uncomfortable. While it seems thin enough, it's just too wide, and I have larger than normal hands.
  4. The sound of a voice message I listened on the HTC Evo was very "tinny". I kept trying to move it to different angles, but I also couldn't hear the best/loudest/clearest parts of it very well.
  5. Regarding Android itself, it doesn't seem as mature as the iPhone UI (the iOS UI). If they haven't already done it, Google needs to hire some UI experts before the next major Android release.

HTC - no longer "safe to buy"

I have to say, until yesetrday I was under the impression that HTC was one of those companies where if they made something, it was safe to buy, sight unseen; but this HTC Evo experience has dramatically changed my perspective on them.

In summary, here's my HTC Evo review - thumbs down, don't buy it.

HTC Evo review - followup

Wow, I get a lot of grief from HTC Evo owners about this post. For those who have written, if you'll take a moment to read the articles on this website, I'm not an Apple fanboy. All I can say about the Evo is that I'm reporting my experience with the phone, and while I won't post any more of her comments her, she still isn't thrilled with the Evo.

As one positive note about the Evo, I received a video from my friend, and the HTC Evo video quality is really excellent.