More geek gift ideas for 2010 (Cyber Monday Edition)

More geek gift ideas for 2010 - One of the fun things about having relationships with vendors through this website is that I get all sorts of emails about new products, and as I look at them this time of the year, I try to find the ones that I think will be great geek gift ideas.

In the last few days the emails have been flying, and since time is limited, I thought I'd put together another article of great geek gift ideas -- but this time I'm just sharing the ads for huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts that I receive directly with you.

iPad and iPhone geek gift ideas 2010

I already put together an article of great Holiday iPad gift ideas, but recently a company named Zagg has come out with ads featuring new products and discounts on iPad and iPhone gift ideas. Here are a few of their ads for their iPhone and iPad products. First, you can scratch-proof your iPhone:

Next, you can also scratch-proof your iPad:

invisibleSHIELD case for iPad

Next, Zagg has also come out with a cool new product named the Zaggmate, which looks like a great iPad accessory:

Zaggmate for iPad
ZAGGmate - the perfect companion for your iPad

Geek gift ideas from the Discovery Channel

Every geek I know loves stuff from the Discovery Channel, and I just received these two big discount promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Discovery Channel Black Friday - up to 60% off!

Discovery Channel Cyber Monday - up to 75% off!

Note that those promotions will both end very soon.

Geek gift ideas 2010 - Luxurious chocolate

This is a little bit of a different "geek gift idea", but if you're buying for a female geek, or perhaps you're a geek buying for a significant other, these ads for "Luxurious Chocolate" struck me as pretty interesting:


Luxury chocolate is surely a unique gift idea that will be remembered for a long time.

Geek gift ideas 2010 from Sobongo

A company named Sobongo has sent me a ton of ads lately for huge discounts on their website. Here are links to some of their discount pages:

Sobongo Black Friday Sale

Sobongo Cyber Monday Sale

Geek gift ideas from Think Geek

Last but certainly not least, Think Geek is THE place to shop for geeks of all ages. I featured many of their products in my earlier Geek Gift Ideas for Under $20 2010 article, and I have many of their ads on this website, but here are a couple of additional links to special deals for this weekend:

ThinkGeek has become my "go to" store to check out all the latest great geek gift ideas, and you can't go wrong browsing their holiday 2010 geek gifts.