Comments on the Motorola Droid keyboard?

I'm not looking to start a flame war here, but after getting my hands on a Motorola Droid this weekend, I am curious: Is the keyboard too small and too hard to press? I'm looking at buying one for a friend, so any tips are appreciated.

I played with a Droid this weekend for at least 15 minutes (okay, probably more like 30 or 60, lol), and while I like the idea of the slide-out keyboard, I thought the keys were very difficult to work with (too small, too close, too hard to press). The salesperson I talked to said the keys get easier to press over time (less firm), and I'd believe that, but I don't know if could get used to the small keys, and how close they are too each other.

The Motorola Droid design

Although it's a little on the heavy side, I generally do like the design of the Motorola Droid, especially the part where you get to keep your full screen display when you're typing. With the iPhone you lose a ton of screen real estate whenever the keyboard comes up.

(I remember looking forward to being able to use the iPhone keypad in landscape mode with email, and then when it was released, I thought "Where did my screen real estate go?" More than 50% of it went to the electronic keypad.)

On the design side, I also look forward to playing more with the Google Android operating system. I am personally more interested in writing code for it right now than I am in writing for the iPhone.

Back to the keyboard questions

Getting back to my original point ... when I used the Motorola Droid this weekend, I appreciated the QWERTY keyboard, but I thought the keys were too small, too close together, and too hard for me.

If you own a Droid, do you think the same thing? Do the keys get easier to press? Do you get used to what I think is a small keyboard? Any other comments about the weight of the phone?