Shure SE110 noise cancelling earbuds

It's been a year since I bought my Shure SE110 noise cancelling earbuds, and I just realized that I never wrote about them here. Since I have just a few opinions about them, I'd like to share those here today.

Noise cancellation: The noise cancellation ability of the Shure SE110 earbuds is very good. Shure calls them "sound isolating", but I think "noise cancellation" is a better term. This noise cancellation comes from simple foam earbud inserts that are supplied with the SE110. Whenever the noise at Starbucks or Panera Bread is too loud, I'll pull these earbuds out to help reduce the ambient noise.

Experiment: It helps to experiment with the different foam earbud inserts that are provided with the Shure SE110 noise cancelling earbuds. Try the different earbud sizes, and experiment by turning the earbuds at different angles in your ears. I've been amazed by how much a different angle really helps with external noise reduction.

Sound quality: The Shure SE110 sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. The sound is very "tinny", no matter what earbud foam insert or angle I try. The sound quality of the standard iPhone/iPod earbuds is much better than these.

Cord thickness: The cord that comes with these earphones is extremely thick -- possibly twice as thick, heavy, and stiff as the cord that comes with the standard Apple earbuds. The thickness and stiffness is very annoying, both when you're unpacking them, and when you're wearing them, as they constantly tap against the table or laptop. The cable comes in two pieces, and the cable connector also gets caught under the table frequently.

Shure SE110 noise cancelling earbuds - summary

In summary, I like the Shure SE110 earbud noise cancelling ability, but everything else about them leaves room for improvement, and they're a disappointment at a list price of $119 (currently $88 on sale). As mentioned, I do use these in public places for noise reduction/cancellation, but everywhere else I use my Bose headphones.