Geek Valentine's Day gifts

Geek Valentine's Day Gifts: I just received an email from Think Geek regarding their geek Valentine's Day gifts for 2011, and I have to say, some of them are really excellent. I've picked out just a handful of them (plus one from a French chocolate supplier), and I'll share them in order from my least-favorite to most-favorite. Click on any picture to see the full page at the Think Geek website.

Geek Valentine's Day gift: LED Flashing Heart

While I won't be giving this first product away as a Valentine's Day geek gift idea, it looks pretty clever:

Valentines Day geek gifts ideas - LED heart

Valentine's Day Geek Gift Idea: French Chocolate

Who can argue with a box of chocolate, especially "luxury" French chocolate? This link isn't from Think Geek, it's from another company named zChocolate, voted a "Forbes Favorite":

Geek Valentine's Day gift: A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek

Next, I'm beginning to think that many girls are as geeky as guys, and maybe a book like this isn't necessary, but if you're a non-geek woman terribly attracted to geeks, this book may be for you:

Valentines Day geek gifts ideas - Girls Guide to Dating Geeks

Geek Valentine's Day gift: Geek Babydoll Tee

This geek gift t-shirt idea is a perfect gift idea for your significant other:

Valentines Day geek gifts ideas - Baby doll t-shirt 

Geeky Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: The "Ex"

I'm not sure this actually fits with the overall "Happy Valentine's Day" theme, but it is a cute idea, especially if your relationship with a significant other didn't end on a very positive note:

Valentine's Day geek gift ideas - The Ex

Snarky Valentine's Day Cards for Geeks

Getting to the fun ones, these geek Valentine's Day gift cards are hilarious. You can only see a couple on the Think Geek website, but they are good for a few laughs:

Valentines Day geek gifts ideas - Gift cards for geeks

Geeky Valentine's Day gift: Geek Love Poem T-Shirt

And finally, I haven't seen this poem before, and it's a perfect fit as a Valentine's Day 2011 geek gift idea:

Valentines Day geek gifts ideas - Roses are red t-shirt for geeks

I hope you like some of these Valentine's Day 2011 geek gift ideas. They've definitely been fun to research.