Monday, August 29, 2005

Still no word from Jack today, and from my end, I have no interest in talking or writing to the man unless I need to respond to something. I've already decided that George needs to go on any future sales calls with Jack, as us working together isn't an option any more.

I've also decided to get very aggressive about selling my business interest, even if it takes sacrificing the quality of my work, or things I normally do for the company.

Step 1 is to find a good lawyer to work with. I made some calls this morning, and I have three appointments in the next two days. I'll use a variety of excuses to get away from my clients, including another doctor's appointment, and telling them I need to meet with other clients. I can't say that I'm at the office, because if they call there, well, I can't ask anyone there to cover for me. I don't like this part of making up excuses for where I am, I'm sure I'll slip up sooner or later.

In looking for good business lawyers, I tried everything, including the phone book, internet, and a friend of my wife's family. He's a lawyer, but not a business lawyer. He suggested one person, and I found the other two through my own research of local law firms. It helped that I've worked with some law firms over the years and also knew a little bit about their reputations.

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