Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've met with three business lawyers this week to discuss selling my business: One lawyer from a very large firm, one from a mid-sized firm, and one who owns his own small business. I didn't get a good feeling from the first lawyer at the large firm, it felt like I'd be a cog in a wheel there; I thought the person at the mid-size firm was very bright, but a little on the timid side; and I liked the third lawyer, who also seems bright, personable, and much more aggressive. The last two charge $150 per hour, while the first one wanted to charge $185/hour.

On the assumption that I'm going to have to deal with Jack a lot during this process, I'm going with the third business lawyer, the aggressive one. As we talked, he also mentioned that I'll want to get to know a tax attorney, as they can save you a big pile of money during the process of selling a business. He gave me the name of a tax attorney downtown, and said he was possibly the best in town. The tax attorney charges $200 per hour, but he told me he's very sharp and works fast, and it would be a great investment.

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