Sunday, June 6, 2004

My wife and I have separated after twenty years of marriage. I've avoided mentioning anything here until this point because I didn't think it was relevant to the process of selling the business, but now that we are separated, I think it's important to mention it here.

I've been staying at an Extended Stay hotel for a few weeks, and just moved into an apartment. I told Jack and David about this shortly after the separation, so they would understand if my wife and I seemed to act differently at work. But I also told them that I wanted everything to be "business as usual" for everyone at work.

That may sound difficult, but I'm out of the office 90% of the time now, so it's not like we see each other all the time. Also, our separation is amicable, and in many ways we get along better now that we're separated.

Yesterday I told our junior partners what was going on, and today I shared the news with the four employees I work with most of the time. That leaves a couple of employees at the office who won't know about this, but my wife is going to tell them about this, as I don't see them much anyway.

In unrelated news, a few more things have come up with Jack recently that I don't feel like getting into here. The important thing is that I'm contemplating making an offer to buy his ownership "shares" back from him. Really, what I'm doing tonight is reviewing our business Operating Agreement to see what my options with him are, and buying his shares back seems like the easiest way out of our problems.

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