Saturday, October 23, 2004

While Jack is away on vacation, I met David, George, and Cooper at the office this morning (Saturday morning), and we decided to give Marty (our business broker) another ninety days to work on his two prospects. We don't know their names, so for all I know he's bluffing, but he still seems like an an honest person, and despite some of my complaints, I don't mind giving him a little longer. Besides, we've been so busy, I haven't given any thought to working with another business broker.

There have been a couple of points where we've had enough business to think about trying to grow the company a little more, but as usual, the lack of another "star" who can keep a team of players working continues to keep us down. I've been talking to a really good person during the last few months, but he has a great job with a large organization, and has a lot of "toys" to play with that we can't offer him. I've had some of our other technical people meet with him, and we all agree that we like him, but everyone said the same thing: He seems enamored with all the toys in his current environment, and they don't think he'd be happy here, where customers often ask us to perform some kind of "MacGyver" magic instead of spending more money, like larger customers would.

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