Friday, September 16, 2005

David, George, and I met with the two business lawyers they suggested, and we choose the second one, a woman named Pam who worked at a mid-size law firm. Like the other good lawyers I had come to know recently, she spoke directly, and without any extra legal-ease. (A good reminder to me as a consultant.) She would have preferred to meet Jack as well, she said, but she's seen situations like this before, and understood. David and George chipped in that they had Jack's promise that he would go along with whatever we decided, which was interesting to hear.

Like our first company attorney, she explained what she could and could not do in the process of selling the business, or at least in my process of selling my interest in the business. She could help with everyday business legal matters, and could also write up the final business sales documents once I had agreed to sell my interest to someone else, presumably a group of partners in our LLC. She could not help any of us individually, however, and suggested that I have my own attorneys, and the buying partners have their own attorneys.

We didn't tell her immediately that we had selected her, but it was obvious that the three of us liked her, and we made that decision in the parking lot. I called her on the way home to let her know of our decision, explaining that we all felt comfortable with her, and time was of the essence.

It was good to see David and George involved in this process, it's a little like watching them grow up. I wish Cooper could have been here as well, but he's a bit too busy at the moment, and he also doesn't seem very interested in legal matters like this.

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